Monday, May 23, 2011


This is a funny bag, only for decoration, I created a while ago for an exhibition. It is crocheted with paper yarn together with painted tyvek bands. Sisal and torn fabric strips are used for the fringe. I made creepy ceramic faces and ceramic beads. I gladly incorporated all kind of found rusted stuff and dry plant and tree material, little twigs and shriveled and wooden fruit, like petite pomegranates, cones, and pine needles tied into a broom, tiny stones with holes from the beach and snailshells. Every thing I saw fit and thought a true witch would grab, was inserted and hung on it, together with all sorts of beads, with fragile feathers and strange yarn, an old thread spool my friend Aiva gave me, one big bead carved from bone, glass beads from Hebron, pieces of Bedouin embroidery and crochet doilies, shells and little bells, and ruined and tattered cloth patches I found half buried in the sand near the shore. What ever suits my fancy I will collect at the fleamarket and pick up from the ground on our nature excursions, stuffing the pockets of my trousers, while my husband is photographing flowers. I am a collector of free stuff, can't help it - like many of you, I know!
My son-in-law Ilan built the very fitting stand for the bag - such good hands he has!


It is very hard to photograph the bag as a whole -  only the details show you how versatile it is. Please zoom in! I had great pleasure to create this bag and I think it is worthy for any witch living in the woods!

First I had to make the ceramic faces and beads, this needs time, till it is bisque dry and then fired. After I had those ready it took about one day to prepare the crochet  materials, to tear the fabric into strips, to paint the tyvek and cut it into rounds to get long bands and then roll it into large balls. It took then two full days to crochet and embellish the bag, most of the stuff is right incorporated with the crochet, I think there was no sewing on at all. The bag was constructed in three parts, front and back and a long piece of gusset together with the handles.
Of course it took many trips and excursions over a long period of time beforehand to collect all those things! :-) Size of the bag:
15" (38cm) x 12" (31cm) x 3" (8cm), the fringe is 14" (36cm) long and the handles are 20" (50cm) long.


Hagar said...

OMG Yaeli I want it!
I am just the right witch for this bag!!!!!!!!

Clare said...

i absolutely love this witchy bag - it makes me think of a Zulu witch doctors bag filled with bones, beads, magic potions and other magical things. my family is filled with bag-makers, we love making bags - this bag has got me thinking about my next bag project.

pasita said...

ooooooh. oooooh.oooooooooooh. ooooooooooooooh.I love it!!!!

rachel awes said...

ohhhh, i just want to
hold this in my hands
& run my fingers through
every little bit that
hangs down & souldance
with it all!

Annuk said...

This is a wondeful work of art, Yael!!!
I love the way you incorporated beads and natural elements! I'd love to touch these amazing dangles and dream over each one of these little treasures that you worked into the bag!

PS: I'm a collector too, Yael... as many of us (you said it ;)))!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

my, my, my, my, my....YAEL! This is so incredibly beautiful--I bow before you--speechless I am. Well, I think you have inpired me yet again! Thank you for showing this masterpiece!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

This bag is totally amazing!! I can keep looking at all the details for days. I wonder how long it took to piece it together. Truly a work of art!!

zsazsazsu said...

I am falling of my chair with my mouth open !
Stunnnnnnninnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng ! A masterpiece.
Would love to see it in real !

wanda miller said...

this is so STUNNING, yael. i love how you made so many things to go into the bag as well. i too have ripped many a humorous fiber to knit or crochet with, it is always worth it...seeing what transforms! this is truly a work of most beautiful, earthy art!
i'm with some of these other friends, this BEAUTY would become ANY HEALING WITCH! xoxo

Hilde said...

Oh, it is just amazing, Yael! Your bag is a masterpiece, I'm speachless! I love every detail. The bag is a perfect witch bag, ready to be filled with all kinds of magical equipment.
Great work! Thanks for sharing!

glazedOver Pottery said...

Oh my GOODness, it's like a potluck DINNER! And it won't matter what you put on your plate because it's all outrageously delicious! It takes a certain freedom of spirit to be able to pull something like this off. Such an emotionally charged creation this is. I'm amazed. So rich on so many levels!