Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hands - these two here are good, strong, and pretty hands, and belong to two people very close and dear to me!

Hands are always beautiful, young hands, old hands, small hands, big hands, strong hands, fragile hands. 

They are a gorgeous, fantastic, magnificent tool of our body. Yes, they deserve all of these strong words.

Hands are the greatest blessing ever. Hands have a soul of their own - I do believe that.

We can do the best things with our hands, marvelous things, outstanding things, simple things. We can love with them, create with them, comfort with them, sign with them, the list is endless.

They can dance gracefully to music - and without.

They can plant a seed, and they can plant a tree.

They could change the world, if we only could decide never to use them for violence! 

Let us love and cherish our hands. We must be grateful for our hands, we should thank them everyday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SHIBOLI - my new best friend


What a character he is, strong and confident, don't mess with him, he will protect me fiercely!

Created by the wonderful ceramist Michal Shibolet