Sunday, May 29, 2011


When I get a diamond ring - you thought THAT makes me happy? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

When my son calls: mom, lets meet for lunch - that makes me happy!
When my grandson is in heaven (!) because Barcelona won and Messi gave a superb performance (yes, at the age of ten you still have heroes!), that gives me happiness!
When my husband hugs me out of the blue, that makes me very happy!
When my daughter gives me a compliment from her heart!
When Goldie jumps into my lap - rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrr - and sits quietly for some minutes!
When Yasmin sweetly says: I love you sooo much savta!
When my other daughter bakes exclusively for me a biscuit roll filled with strawberries and whip cream and affection! Wow, that makes me happy!
When my husband comes home from a hike beaming with satisfaction because he caught a rare flower with his camera!
When my brother ends every phone conversation, saying: Ich hab' dich lieb!
When my son-in-law listens to me patiently while I am rambling! 
When I look at my teenage twin granddaughters and find them so beautiful - outside and inside!
When my dog smiles at me!
When it rains!
When the sun shines!
When the wind whispers in my ears!
When the wind blows my brains out!

Of course there is a lot more that makes me happy - ahhhhhhhhhh, YES!!!
Ahem - hot water for a shower for example, or cherries, or martini on the rocks! :-)

I had a lunch date with my son this noon and on my way home my mind recalled many of the reasons for my happiness - which made me happy even more!

What makes you happy? Diamond rings? :-) Or the free stuff? :-) Or both? :-) :-) :-)

My lovely friend Aiva, picking berries in her garden, writing my name with berry juice, saying she loves me, and e-mailing me the pictures she took of it - yes, that makes me happy too - and smiling!


2 B's World said...

Liebe Yael,
für diesen Beitrag würde ich Dich einfach gerne mal umarmen können...da das im realen Leben leider nicht möglich ist, sende ich Dir in Gedanken auf diesem Weg eine herzliche Umarmung.

Mich macht vieles glücklich..."kleine" Dinge des Lebens, die eigentlich gar nicht klein sind und mit Geld nicht zu erwerben sind.

Alles Liebe für Dich und eine glückliche neue Woche wünscht Dir Birgit

Smilla said...

Oh wie schön, dass dich die "Diamanten des Lebens" tagtäglich in irgendeiner Weise überraschen, erreichen und beglücken können!!
Wûnsche dir einen glücklichen Abend und morgen einen freudigen Wochenstart♥
Bis bälder 1001 bisous Brigitte

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What makes me happy? Being with the people I love! And that free stuff you were speaking of--that makes me happy. :-)

Hilde said...

Oh, Yael, such wonderful moments you describe! Thanks for sharing!

Being with my family makes me happy. And small things in life, like looking at a flower, and having my cat and dog around me :)

Annuk said...

Definitely the free, "small" (BIG!) things in life... those little things that no money can pay for!!!!!
Today: the breathtaking beauty of a mountain landscape, a lovely black kitty coming to me and trusting me so much that she let me pet her, the beautiful mountain flowers, the birds singing, the call of my far-away beloved, the air smelling so good, the beauty of the summer evening......

Thank you for this wonderful, happy celebration of the real beauty in life, Yael!!! Sometimes we need to be reminded of it... and it feels SO good!

Eva said...

Ja! Und noch einmal ja: Es sind die Menschen und ihre Gefühle für einander, das ist, was zählt.

Bernstein said...

Hallo Yael,
Deine Worte machen mich glücklich! Sie sind einfach wunderbar und sie drücken genau das aus, was ich empfinde und wofür ich niemals so schöne Worten hätte finden können.
Ich schicke Dir eine herzenswarme und glückliche Umarmung

Clare said...

Hi Yael, yes, it is the small things, the free things that seem to makes us the most happy, and you have reminded us in this exquisite post to remember the smiles we get or the hugs and hold these things in our hearts - what a wonderful family you seem to have.

veroque said...

Great post Yael:) I love the small things in life too, they are the best!

Yael said...

"This was the most beautiful blog post I've read in a long time, and while reading it I couldn't help but think about how my what-makes-me-happy list includes YOU, Yael. You are a bright and shining source on the planet, so freely sharing your light with us all. I too will write your name in berry juice. What a splendid idea, Aiva!"

This is what I got from my loving friend Jill via e-mail, blogger just did not let her comment it - but I wanted it to be here...