Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yes Dawn, you guessed and you gave a wonderful explanation! :-)

 "the red fortress" - "a pearl set in emeralds" -"paradise on earth"

The unbelievable gorgeous ceilings...

Fountains, columns, beautiful gardens, arched windows, lace like window panes, colorful tiles. Breathtaking artwork of carvings everywhere, on the walls, columns, arches, not the tiniest space left empty, till high up on the ceilings. Splendid views on Granada all around, and on the surrounding hills...

Click on the pictures to appreciate this terrific place even more...
Photographed by Uri Eshkar, October 2008

Monday, May 28, 2012


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Another little guessing game:

Have a good week everyone!

Photos by Uri Eshkar.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


My husbands model this morning...

Our talented artistic son - creating electronic music is his passion.



Photos by Uri Eshkar

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I am not hurting so much anymore, in part due to the medication I am taking and in part because I am healing (I hope so!). The toes of my right leg are still numb (sciatica) and I wobble ab bit while walking around the house. I rest a lot, I read, I listen to music, but I can not keep my hands quiet and so started crocheting, which I enjoy. I have a lot of felt wool, so I started to create crocheted and felted bags for winter. I miss going out to the meadows and hills with my husband, but I guess I have to be patient some more... :-)

Yassi - Yasmin - Yasminush :-)

Dafi - Dafna - Dafush :-)

Thank you so much for all your good wishes!

Pattern for the fingerless gloves by glueckskreativ.de

Monday, May 21, 2012


After more than a year of pain I had a herniated disc at my lower back on Saturday - I do not wish this my worst enemy (if I had one). So I am still not functioning properly and resting most of the time. I am feeling grumpy, therefore I was looking for a funny picture! :-)
Two lovely daughters of two cherished friends! Gal and Avi licking the cream! 

I have to start treatment. Someone has advice on hernia? 
( פריצת דיסק - prizat disc - Bandscheibenvorfall )

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


While spring showed off with its impression everywhere around here and then said good by till next year, on Mount Hermon it just arrived. It is warm and pleasant at his feet, but reaching the top with the cable, the drop of the temperature can be felt. The peak is not overall bedecked with snow anymore, but in its crevices the white and icy frozen flakes remain, a heavy mass, two, three meters thick, slowly melting into big puddles.
It may seem improbable for flowers to appear. But they do, gracefully they brave the cold winds and open their buds to show their blithe and charm.
On this side the Hermon is about 2.200 m high. Last weekend it was sunny and clear up there, but quite chilly. The rays of the sun and the reflection of the snow can cause danger if the head and skin are not protected. My husband had to learn this the hard way as he experienced a serious sunstroke with shivers and fever in the evening after we returned home. He will be more prepared and clever next time. Since we had our dog with us, which can not be taken up with the cable, I did not join him and waited down in the warm sun with a book, mostly in my lap, I could not really concentrate on the story, because it is so lovely there, and closing my eyes and enjoying the silence was what I did after every two three sentences.
I hope you enjoyed my husbands hike. The flowers are, from up to down:
1. Duvdevan sarua, דובדבן שרוע, Creeping Cherry, cerasus prostrata
2. Carbolet makrina, כרבולת מקרינה, I did not find an English name for it, onobrychis corunta
3. Arir ha levanon, עריר הלבנון, Fortail Lily, eremurus libanoticus
4. Coridalit pegamit, קורידלית פיגמית, no English name either, corydalis erdelii
5. Geranion ha levnon, גרניון הלבנון, Lebanese Crane's Bill, geranium libani

Photographs by Uri Eshkar.

Monday, May 14, 2012



Our son's girlfriend O. grew up in Russia. She, her slightly older sister and her baby brother were raised by their great grandmother. The youngest child, another sister, was adopted already then, but it was known where she was. When O. was ten years old, and her brother six the great grandmother died and the girls got cruelly separated from the boy. O.'s sister was given the opportunity to say a short good by, but O. did not get this chance. She was so close to him, the people responsible for all this feared that she would react hysterically, which, she says today, surely would have happened. The boy vanished completely from their lives, and her little heart broke. The girls were put in a boarding school and the brother got adopted. They never heard from him again, they did not know where he was taken, or what was his new name.

Two years later, she and her older sister came together to Israel. O. grew up into a wonderful and independent woman. But this yearning and longing was always with her. 

After our son introduced her to us, she told me about it in one of our first conversations. She said with tears welling up in her eyes and streaming down her face, that her biggest wish, the thing she most wanted in life, was to find her brother and be reunited with him.

One week ago it happened...

After twenty years of silence, after not knowing anything about him - he was found. The youngest sister also lives in Israel, and all the sisters had searched for a long time. He had looked for them too, he was little when he lost them, but he always remembered the sisters. Now there was success. He is not a mystery anymore, he is real, there is great excitement and happiness. He lives in Moscow with his girlfriend. He is fine. The sisters and he are talking all the time, Facebook, e-mail, phone. They are exchanging photos, asking and answering questions. He was thrilled to hear he is an uncle, the older sister has a sweet little boy. And the youngest sister also has a lovely baby boy. They will meet! They never will let go again!

This is only the short outline of a very complex life story with a happy ending and a new beginning...

I wish all similar stories would come out like this...