Sunday, May 22, 2011

NACHAL KZIV - נחל כזיב - Galilea

This is Nachal Kziv in the Upper Galilee, in the North of Israel, east of Nahariya and in the proximity of Mount Meron, a 20 km long riverbed filled with plenty of water all year, deriving from rainfall in winter and spring. This Nachal is blessed with forests of marvelous natural trees, among them wonderful oak, maple and cyprus trees and many more species. An abundance of flowers in their various seasons grace its margins and the ascending slopes of the hills along it. The area can be hiked on several paths, some more difficult to walk than others, but each one a great marvel. It is the end of May, the time of the White Lily, that royal, majestic, pure white flower, which is so very rare now in this land. But it still blooms at Nachal Kziv - look here it is in its glorious beauty, photographed with true passion by my husband Uri yesterday.

Lilium candidum, known as the Madonna Lily, probably the model of the fleur-de-lis, was honored as a symbol of holiness and purity by the pilgrims and crusaders of the middle age and was picked by them almost to extinction. It's attributes are contributed to the Holy Mary in Christianity. It is also depicted on many ancient Israeli shekel coins of the 4th century BCE, as well as on coins of modern times.

The wonderful artistic big white flowers grow on stems, up to about one meter high, they remain open at night too and their sweet scent intensifies at darkness. 
White Lilies have therapeutic uses as well.
And this flower is called Yasmin and she was one of the successful searchers for the lilies at Nachal Kziv yesterday!
 All photographs by Uri Eshkar.


Eva said...

Overwhelming! And it is such a shame that even pious pilgrims did not think of conserving nature, but robbed it instead.
Wonderful pictures! Congrats to the photographer.

Irmi said...

Yael, wundervolle Fotos. Lilien, so nahe am Gestein! Diese Impressionen sind besonders schön.
Einen schönen Sonntag wünscht Dir

Hagar said...

It is always such a pleasure to walk with you along our beautiful country sights.
Thank you for sharing and for Uri's outstanding photos!!!

ויטרינה-קואופרטיב בעלות מלאכה said...

we are following you also from Virina!

Annuk said...

Oh these beautiful green hills look like a hiker's paradise!!! And they remind me a lot of my beloved woods here!
The flowers are amazing in their beauty!!! And Yasmin is the most shining of them all!!!!!
Thank you for taking us on this beautiful hike, Yael and Uri!

rachel awes said...

YOUR paths ARE lilies.
& how i love to travel HERE.
lovelovelove X

zsazsazsu said...

I live in Lilystreet ;-) Lelie means Lily or
Fleur de Lys !
Gorgeous pictures again !

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Those lilies are gorgeous, but the most beautiful blossum of all is called, 'Yasmin'!

Hilde said...

Wow! Those lilies are wonderful! Love the photos.
And your Yasmin is so pretty :)

Terri said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Yasmin.

glazedOver Pottery said...

"This flower is called 'Yasmin' ...Oh, that is SO sweet! She's as lovely as the White Lily itself! So sad to think that the White Lily was picked almost to distinction. It's striking to consider how different are our sensibilities nowadays, wouldn't you say?

So rich and meaningful are your family's outings!