Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hands - these two here are good, strong, and pretty hands, and belong to two people very close and dear to me!

Hands are always beautiful, young hands, old hands, small hands, big hands, strong hands, fragile hands. 

They are a gorgeous, fantastic, magnificent tool of our body. Yes, they deserve all of these strong words.

Hands are the greatest blessing ever. Hands have a soul of their own - I do believe that.

We can do the best things with our hands, marvelous things, outstanding things, simple things. We can love with them, create with them, comfort with them, sign with them, the list is endless.

They can dance gracefully to music - and without.

They can plant a seed, and they can plant a tree.

They could change the world, if we only could decide never to use them for violence! 

Let us love and cherish our hands. We must be grateful for our hands, we should thank them everyday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SHIBOLI - my new best friend


What a character he is, strong and confident, don't mess with him, he will protect me fiercely!

Created by the wonderful ceramist Michal Shibolet

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I was not present at my blog for almost two months. I needed some time out. I am longing now to be back, and I will.

Today we are celebrating the Jewish New Year and I wish to everyone to whom it concerns a HAPPY AND SWEET NEW YEAR! May we all be healthy, and may we have peace...

And to whom it does not concern I wish the same as well. :-)

The first autumn flowers are blooming - promise of a new cycle of growth and beauty.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


After the cutting out, there is the sewing all around - first a straight line, then small satin stitch, then another round of a little higher satin stitch, then the filling, then the closing...

My work table today...

The decorating is the fun part, many little trinkets were collected over the years. Stitching, some gluing, bead stringing, a lot of bead stringing, seed beads for the hands and feet, African powdered glass beads, brass beads, bone beads and shell discs, and other filler beads for the hanging strings.

Making some of these little "Africans" again.

I might as well add some weaving again to the hangings.

Trying to keep my spirit up...

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Trying to balance "eso" and "exo", thinking of yin and yang...

My color palette for today...

"There is no blue without yellow and without orange."
Love you Vincent!

"Cafe Terrace at Night" by Vincent Van Gogh

Monday, June 9, 2014

NACHAL DAN RESERVE - שמורת טבע נחל דן

There are three streams whose waters create the river Jordan. Its sources are Nachal Chazbani (Snir) (חצבני שניר) which arrives from South Lebanon, the Banias (נחל חרמון), its spring originating deep under the Hermon mountain, and Nachal Dan (נחל דן), whose waters are made up of melted snow and rain from the Hermon, seeping into a karstic system and dividing into hundreds of small springs at the foot of the mountain, flowing down, combining with the other two sources and forming the Jordan, which is by all means not an almighty or spectacular river, but most of the year a quite narrow and often shallow stream. The Nachal Dan is the largest and most important source of the Jordan.

Last week at the Shavuot Feast (Pentecost) (חג השבועות) we undertook a family outing to the Dan Reserve, a small Park enclosing some of the springs and tributaries of the Dan River, and walked the trails along the fast rushing brooks. The day was very hot, temperatures reached almost 40 degrees.

But we certainly did not suffer, because the paths lead along beneath tall beautiful trees rising to the sky, which form canopies above and filter the scorching sun. We comfortably hiked on shady and cool grounds. 

The bubbling sound of the foaming water and the smell of the magnificent fig trees edging the creeks accompanied us at every step. At one point there is a wading pool, where we could enter wading the fresh water, or sit at the margin and hang our feet in to chill them. The water has a stable temperature of about 14 degrees all year round, really cool and a pleasure on such a hot day. 

Along the way we passed an old flour mill which was built about 150 years ago and operated on water power with two pairs of millstones. The flora and fauna in the region is very rich. The fig trees at this time of the year are most impressive, sending their erotic scent in the air. 

We saw some fresh water crabs, but missed the most famous resident of the area, the amphibious black fire salamander with its orange spots. I loved the many blotches of light green march fern with its small leaves, which is native along the Dan river.

There is a Tel, a small hill, of an ancient, 7000 year old, settlement, the Tel Dan. We did not wander around it this time due to the hot weather condition, but we explored it in the past. When we visit there again I shall write about it too.

Happy and in splendid mood we returned to the parking lot. We noticed the wonderful eucalyptus trees shading the place, which were planted in 1939 by members of the Kibbutz Dan.

The photos are of my daughter and son-in-law, and three of my grandchildren, the fourth one unfortunately did not get released for the holidays from her army service. My husband was there too, but we forgot to photograph him. :-( Actually you can see him at the end of the little video.
Music of the video by our son Yaron.