Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EXHIBITION OF MY PAINTINGS - So sangen mir die Farben - The way the colors sung to me

In two more days it will be happening! There will be an opening of an exhibition, and the twenty four paintings displayed are mine. I still can scarcely believe it! 
It is less than two years ago, that I started painting. Very small and humble in the beginning, only in a little sketch book. Slowly I got braver and repainted some of the journal entrees in a larger scale. I posted about it here and here and six months later here.

I started to seek information and acquire knowledge from the Internet. How to contrive a consistent body of work, where to find inspiration, how to focus on originality and a recognizable "line", how to welcome the muses when they knock on the spirit door. I learned the properties of acrylic paint, to prepare a canvas, to varnish the finished work, to fix the hanging device, how to find a title and the best way to write it, how to sign, and last but not least how to price a painting.

                                "Gefillte Fish"

I received advice and encouragement from a knowledgeable woman who generously evaluated my labor and said it is art. Yes, well, I got serious with the painting thing. But to approach a gallery? That certainly needs much more courage. A very dear friend had some connection and helped me in that matter. The curator and the manager of the gallery loved my work and they decided on an exhibition date - which now has arrived, it is the day after tomorrow.

I am very excited, please wish me luck! 

All my paintings were professionally photographed by Karin Tal

Monday, February 2, 2015

MAGIC MORNING - and a finished painting

Time ticking away - 80x80cm - acrylics on stretched canvas
                                               (copyright Yael Eshkar)