Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The witch bag I showed you traveled some time later to a second fiber art exhibition in another town, and I was asked to create an additional piece for the show. I thought if I had already made a bag for the witch I might as well make her a magic carpet too! I still had plenty of rusted material to incorporate into the carpet, which I crocheted with two different kinds of sisal yarn and torn fabric strips for touches of color. The patches are not sewn together, the work was constructed in one piece.

 Size: 19" by 20" (without the hangers and the "fringe")
Photographs by my husband Uri Eshkar.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Unbelievable! I would have liked to see it fly! Beautiful, Yael--you are a marvel!!!

wanda miller said...

OH yael...this is so exquisitely, artistically made by you! it is so beautiful to the eye, immediately and leaves one wanting to touch and examine it thoroughly!
at first i thought you were going to say, that this was the first bag and how it had returned to you...whew, glad not!
you made me chuckle right out loud in reading your comment on my blog. xo

Hilde said...

Yael, it is fabulous! I can picture the witch weaving her magic ribbons into her carpet while saying and singing her spells :)
I love the way you have created the carpet, and it looks magic :)

rachel awes said...

oh dear yael,
i looove your magic carpet.
some night while i'm sleeping,
please surprise me
& take my hand
& let's go for a ride. xox

Clare said...

Dear Yael, I love this piece. a little carpet to sit on and perform magic. I especially like the little bits of colour you have added.

Annuk said...

W O N D E R F U L!!!!!
I bow to Art and Magic!!!!

Eva said...

Das ist ja magisch! Wundervoll rätselhaft.

art spirit said...

Love the magical witch's bag and carpet! All the little things dangling are so wonderful and the rusty color is so perfect and ancient looking. As always, enjoy my visits to your blog for the art and history as beautiful.