Friday, August 16, 2013


Beach stones, pebbles and rocks

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I still did not get around to make use of the beautiful fabric pieces from those sample books. The heat of summer is slowing me down like everyone else, I still struggle with my foot (the one that had its ankle replaced in January) and my back is "killing me". I had a disc nucleoplasty some days ago - you can check this out here - and I hope my constant pain at my lower rear will recede. The healing should take place over a two week span, then I will know if this treatment worked.

So there is a lot of resting with legs up, reading or listening to music. But there is some painting too, which I do love now so much, even so I have no talent for it - I still am sure I do not really know how to paint. :-) There is time with the grandchildren, which I do love even more, and I managed to sew two big totes from sturdy decorator fabric, using leather scraps as embellishments and pockets. They both have beautiful cotton linings with one zippered and one velcro closed pocket and key swivels inside. One photographed well, the other one was not so photogenic.

I gave all my fabric painting and dyeing supplies and books away and made someone very happy. I will not return to this task anymore, it is too laborious for me now, but I have no regrets, only happy memories of it.

I hope you are all fine, and if you are not so good, I wish you will be better soon! We can see small tiny signs of autumn here - how is it at your place?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BERLIN MEMORY - The Aquarium

Jellyfish for him - sea stars for her... :-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

k+xx#%x+kchX:x^&kchkchk+x+zx_)0pftkxh... :-)

"It's good when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind", he said.

"Beloved", last page.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Last Tuesday I was lucky to receive a gift of three big outdated fabric sample books. The Hebrew name of the friend who gave them to me means "the golden one" - yes, golden she is, thank you Sehava!

It took some time to take the books apart (that was quite difficult) and to figure out how to remove the paper descriptions that were glued to the back of the material. In the end I discovered that by simply ironing over them, the glue dissolved and I could just peel them off. After a two days work I had piles of wonderful cloth.

The pieces are all first quality decorator fabrics, part of them mostly cotton, and part of them a mix of cotton and synthetics. The colors are vibrant and display many hues and shades. Some of the fabrics are wonderfully textured. Look at this example:

I am fascinated by the way this texture was created. The colorful flowers are embroidered or "punched" from the back to the woven fabric.

The many fabric pieces I have now are relatively small and I will have to patch them together in a pleasing creative way to get enough material for a bag or a pouch. I have a lot of leather scraps and bits of old Bedouin embroidery to match, and I have already started to put together a strip to embellish a big pouch - hm, or maybe it will be a bag.

It will be a joy to work with all those beautiful textiles and I am curious how I will surprise myself with the results. :-)