Thursday, October 21, 2010


My husband enjoys going on outings with the members of ROTEM, this is The Israeli Plant Information Center.
Yesterday they went on a day trip to the Golan Heights and the Hermon mountain to find and enjoy more flowers of fall. He came home with a lot of photos, all gorgeous, and I want to  share some of them with you!
Autumn turns into winter here softly, there is no distinct separation of the two seasons, and fall colors are never an explosion of hues, but rather gentle, like on this tree, Uzrar Kozani, עוזרר קוצני, Spiny Hawthorn.
The tiny fruits are eatable and even tasty.
Sitvanit HaTashbez, סתונית התשבץ, marvelous color!  You remember them from the rainy day? Zoom in to see the checkered pattern on the petals.
Sternbergia, Chelmonit, חלמונית, those sunny flowers are just charming and they delight the visitor with large quantities.
They can be found now all over Israel, even in the dry regions in the South.
Here they stretch for the sun between the rocks high up at the Hermon mountain.
Agas Suri, אגס סורי, Syrian Pear, the fruits can be eaten too, but they are quite sour and not so good!
Oh and the crocuses, so sweet! Karkom Hermoni,  כרכום הרמוני, Crocus Hermonius,  with the red stamens, they are very delicate and beautiful!


Bernstein said...

Wow, die Fotos sind wirklich ganz besonders.
Mir haben es ja diese zarten Krokusse angetan. Diese hauchzarten Blüten umgeben von rauhen harten Steinen. Die Bilder 7, 8 und 10 sind einfach nur traumhaft schön.
Ich mag die Art, was und wie Dein Mann durch die Kamera sieht.
GlG Inbar

Eva said...

Wonderful pictures, I really enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing!

2 B's World said...

Ist es nicht toll, wie sehr sich die Natur bemüht uns Blumen und Früchte zu schenken...selbst zwischen den Steinen und Felsen gelingt ihr das auf wunderbare Weise.

Ganz tolle Bilder.

Herzliche Grüße... natürlich auch an den Fotografen
von 2 B's

Hilde said...

This is interesting Yael, and I love the photos. My compliments to your husband!
The flowers are so pretty, and they seem to be strong little plants. The spiny hawthorn with fruits is so nice (I only knew about the common hawthorn with red berries).

Happy weekend to you and your husband :)

Butterfly Dreams said...

Liebe Yael,

wunderschöne Fotos,Dankeschön! So etwas zauberhaftes kann einfach nur die Natur zaubern,wundervoll in Bildern "festgehalten".

Herzliche Grüße

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Your husband takes amazing photos! What a talented duo you both are!

aurorafedora said...

i always love your honey's photos!! just gorgeous!

Smithy said...

Tender petals and soft fruit against the stony earth....such a compelling contrast. I loved all the photos; the chequered petals remind me of a plant I know only as fritillaria that has that same chequered habit. A lovely post, thank you Yael!