Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There are many owls out there nowadays in the creative world - in very different styles and from all kinds of materials - and as I can see they are always pretty and lovely - it must be those big eyes!
I made an owl wall hanging many years ago while living in America.
It was actually a challenge from a quilt store in Mountain View, California, The Quilting Bee, which then belonged to Diane Leone, later her son overtook it. 
She designed the fabrics you had to use in a quilt, otherwise your imagination could run wild. I made first place with my owl quilt and won the prize, a 200$ store bonus - and I stocked up on fabric big time!!!
Many of you living in the United States will recognize some of the sayings here. 
You remember Joan Rivers sweeping on stage, arms out strechted, shouting: Gossip, Gossip, Gossip!? 
Or Jerry Springer, at the end of his talk shows always saying: Take care of yourself, and of each other!? 
An all the talk shows  (yes, this was new to me, and I delighted in talk shows for a while!), about weight loss! Oh Oprah! The guests whining: I lost twenty pounds, but I gained it all back? 
Oh well - I sure had a feast with this quilt, as you can see!
Machine pieced, hand quilted, hand embroidered, machine appliqued, cotton fabric, 137cm x 114cm 
Photos by Ran Erde (except the last two)


Bernstein said...

Guten Morgen Yael,
Der Quilt ist ein Schau - so lustig, witzig, so fröhlich, aber auch hintergründig und tiefsinnig. Deine Eulen sind wunderschön und so ausdrucksstark. Außerdem hast Du ein tolles Gespür für Farben und Formen, ich bin hin und weg.
Mit den Eulchen warst Du der Zeit auch voraus. 1994 habe ich hier meinen ersten Quiltkurs gemacht, aber da war Quilten hier noch totales Neuland.
Have a nice day!
GlG Inbar

glazedOver said...

Of COURSE you won! There's a tremendous helping of wit mixed in with the creativity and talent. So funny that you drew inspiration from those talk shows.

BEAUTIFUL picture of you, Yael. So you were a curly girly in former years, eh?

Hilde said...

I like owls very much, they are so sweet :) This is a fabulous piece of work, Yael, I can see why you won the First Prize for this quilt. The sayings made me smile, I recognized many of them :)

And what a nice photo of you!!

2 B's World said...

Hallo Yael,
ein wunderschöner Quilt.
Du hast ein Auge und ein Händchen dafür, was zusammen paßt und was man kombinieren kann.
Toll, wie Du das alles umsetzen kannst.

Herzliche Grüße und ein schönes Restwochenende wünschen Dir die 2 B's

aurorafedora said...

oh cute cute cute!!! i can see why you won!! you amaze me over and over!!

Smithy said...

LOVE owls in all shapes and sizes...magical little birds :) Gorgeous quilt Yael and love the pic of you :) How very clever you are to match it all up with sayings. BIG fan of your work. xx

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Wow, what an amazing quilt! As soon as you mentioned a contest I just knew that you must have won! Love the pic of you and the quilt in production. :)