Friday, October 29, 2010


You might think this little cat won the lottery us taking her in! Hm, no no, WE won the lottery! She is really such a reason for joy! And she got already quite independent. I do not have to feed her anymore, she eats by herself! And she knows very well to tell me when she is hungry! She screams her lungs out! She LOVES chicken liver! When I let her run free (oh, she got one of the bathrooms for now), she follows me where ever I go! She uses her cat toilet ONLY! There was not one mishap! 
She is not afraid of anything! She climbs the stairs like a pro! She scrambles up my legs to reach my head! That is fine when I am wearing long trousers, but she has no remorse for me to climb up my naked legs too! Autsch! 
She is very curious and inquisitive! Everything interests her! Especially Dafi's tail! Dafi is very patient with her and tolerates her. That can not be said so far about our other two cats! I think they feel threatened by this very active black bundle. If she comes too near they hiss at her and run off! It doesn't bother her at all, she will approach them again! 
Sometimes she looks surprised! Sometimes she looks stupid! Most of the time she looks sweet!
To play with her is so much fun! She loves to play with my fingers, she grabs them and bites them. 
When she sits in my lap and licks herself clean, she thinks, I need a wash too! She goes topsyturvy, she runs, she jumps, she climbs, she falls down, she gets up, she rolls around, she plays with the wool ball and the marvel, she is a happy lovely kitten!
And look at this cute white sparkly spot she has right under her neck! Yes, we love her!
Ha, and would you believe it: This time I took most of the photos!


Eva said...

Man muss sie einfach liebhaben! Und die Fotos sind sehr schöne Porträts. Sie ist ja ein zähes kleines Wesen, wie sie so überlebt hat und jetzt auch schon so tüchtig und clever auftritt. Ja, sie hat Euch ausgesucht, das ist völlig klar.

2 B's World said...

Nun hab ich mich total in die Kleine verliebt.
Diese Bilder sind allerliebst. So ein kleines Wesen, das so genau weiß, was es will...einfach wunderschön.
Ganz toll finde ich die Bilder von Golda und Dafi zusammen.
Ihr alle habt euch wohl gesucht und gefunden...ich gönne es Euch von Herzen.

Viele liebe Grüße von 2 B's

glazedOver said...

That's it. I'm coming over.

Hilde said...

I love the photos, they really made me smile! Golda is so sweet :)

zsazsazsu said...

This little cat found it's paradise !

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Great to get this update on Golda! She is so lucky! She sounds like a bundle of joy. So great to see her with your dog snuggling with his tail. hehehe I am so happy that you saved her and gave her this wonderful life!

aurorafedora said...

oh, kittens are the best fun!!!

veroque said...

נראית לי אחת עם אופי! הילדים מאוהבים:)

Bernstein said...

Was für ein bezauberndes Wesen. Sie scheint auf vielen Bildern nur aus Augen zu bestehen.
Kleine Katzen sind einfach etwas ganz besonderes und immer ein Quell der Freude.
GlG Bernstein

Smithy said...

Such a healthy ball of starred black, is Golda. I am so happy she is thriving in your care! Love that she gets on with dear Dafi too :) Kittens are great :) and she is one lucky little lady!

Judy said...

how adorable!