Tuesday, April 9, 2013


A map of Israel, just to give you a picture and to help you follow our excursions and outings. You can see the Negev desert in the south, the Dead Sea on the border to Jordan, the coastal region of the Mediterranean in the west, the major cities Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, the Judean desert, the Sea of Galilee, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, and Mount Hermon. Jordan is to the east, Lebanon in the north and Syria north/east. Eilat and the Red Sea in the far south. We live in central Israel, a little bit east of Kfar Sava.
Israel is very small, actually pretty tiny. There are only about 500 kilometers from the border to Lebanon in the north till Eilat in the south, and 60 km from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
To give you some proportion and a better understanding here is a map of the surrounding countries.


Irmi said...

Danke Yael, jetzt weiss ich wenigstens, wo ihr lebt.
Danke für die Karte.
Liebe Grüße vom Neckarstrand schickt

Bob Bushell said...

Hum, it is tiny isn't it?

Hilde said...

Thanks, Yael :) This is interesting, and now we know which areas you visit on your travels.

Clare said...

Israel has always fascinated me, this tiny country with some much energy and determination. I would love to visit it one day.

Annuk said...

Thank you Yael! :) I feel the same about Israel like Clare!
I am not so far from you right now... :) Hugs from Rhodes!

Friko said...

A German map of israel. How long have you had that one?

I should think you could grow rock cress in Israel. It prefers dry, sunny places, grows happily in small cracks in rocks.

The Latin name is Aubrieta. Why not try it, you have nothing to lose. Good luck. I’m not sure if it grows from seed, I bought it as small plants. I could try and find a seed packet if you like?

Red Rose. said...

Hi, Yael,
Thank you for showing the interesting map. Your tiny country is not bad! All you can be a family in the place.