Friday, April 19, 2013


Yes, when I threw that heap together I had already a small idea what to do with it, because it was after considering and rejecting a lot of other possibilities. The thing I for sure wanted to use was the cross stitch embroidery. 

I was given a small bag full of unfinished embroideries by my friend Aiva, I don't know where they came from. One piece was probably meant to be a little table map once, but did never arrive to be one. It is a pity that I forgot to photograph it. It was maybe 60 cm square, a house with some trees near it was stitched in the middle and several flowers had been started at the border, divided by a single black cross stitch line all around. I had no intention to finish it, but had something else with it in mind - a bag of course. 

I had an order for a birthday gift to a sister, a large bag, suitable for shopping, and was sent a photo of the receiver together with some information on her. The colors green and orange were mentioned too. So I imagined this woman really good in my mind to figure her out. To be 50 years old, lovely looking, wearing a romantic shirt, smiling sweetly. Husband a landscape gardener, three grown children. She is tending to a big vegetable garden behind the house, she did grow up on a farm near a forest.

Should I also tell you that she is a cousin I never met? But that is entirely another story, told by life itself.

So this is the bag I came up with, a big roomy tote in somehow the wanted colors. The pale orange is linen, the flowery material is decorator fabric. The homey house is inserted at the front, the pretty flower embroideries are appliqued at the back. The red strip was added to pep it up a bit, but I found it too dominant, so I added the ribbon, after toning it down a bit with black tea.

The handles matching the fabric at the bottom give it all some harmony. Inside are two big pockets, one zippered. I used up all the material to the last piece. After I finished the bag, my eye fell on the waste basket - hm... I fished out enough small scraps to patch together a pouch to go together with the tote.

I always like a challenge and I loved creating this bag.
Thank you unknown embroiderer, I honored your work and I admired it.


Clare said...

I love these bags - it's making me itching to look inside my sewing cupboard at all my scraps and see what I could do. I love the little purse that goes with the bag!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

She's going to love this special gift! I think she's going to be shocked by your love and generosity, Yael--you are a gem!

Red Rose. said...

I like the bag, Yael, The pale orange and the detailed deign on it is so lovely. I think it is a spring bag!
Enjoy your weekend,

Annuk said...

Oh Yael, you are SO talented!!!! I'm in love with both the tote and the pouch... the colors are so vivid, and I love all the details you so lovingly added and are a master at! Your cousin is going to LOVE them!!!

Loddelina said...

You did a marvelous job combining these embroidered patches, trims, lace and other lovely fabrics, Yael, all the bags look amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Lisa said...

Oooo I love it .. the tote is fabulous & I just love that you brought the needlework to life!

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
mit dieser Tasche kannst Du nur Freude bereiten.
Sie ist wunderschön.
Einen schönen Abend wünscht dir

Hilde said...

Yael, it's a fabulous tote! I love how you incorporate the embroidiered pieces to create such a special and unique bag!!
It's new owner will be thrilled for sure :)

Enjoy your weekend!

TarracoStyle said...

eres una artista, maravillosos!!!

Anonymous said...

כל כך יצירתי, אוהבת מאוד :-)