Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hilde, Norway

Hi Yael :)
My daughters and I did a little baking today, for new year's eve. So I'm joining your blog party with the muffins we made. We tried to decorate it with colors like fireworks.  Thank you so much, Yael, for hosting this blog party. It has been so nice to see all the fabulous entries. And all the best wishes to everybody for a happy and peaceful New Year 2011. Hugs, Hilde :)

This is my grandmother's old recipe.
150 gr. flour
1.5  teaspoon baking powder
1 egg
100 gr. sugar
60 gr. butter (melted)
100 cc milk
1 Tablespoon vanilla sugar

Whip egg and sugar till fluffy and white. Add dry ingredients, milk and melted butter. Mix well and pour into paper muffin forms. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius, until golden. Decorate as you wish.

Rachel, Saint Paul, MN, United States

i am finally showing up for your party!
thank you so much for inviting me!
i love to be in the midst of such
lovely creators!

i am including "constellations" because
it's a party & about our beautiful connecting..
& also "high note" because it is one of my
dearest wishes for us all.
happy new year with love always! rachel.

Penelope, Australia

Hello dear Yael,
Am sending some pix of my sister, Beverley's work for your online party. I hope you enjoy them. Bev specializes in working miniatures...little gardens and cottages in embroidery. One is a needle case, one is a pin cushion to match, the other two are just ornaments, plus an embroidered green bag in palest green. Have been looking at  the posts so far, and there is some beautiful work there; quite a variety. I hope you enjoy my pix, I had trouble resizing them as I am not very familiar with my photo editing program  :)
Love to you, Penelope.

Joanne, Tennessee, United States

Hey Yael, 
The current focus of my blog is humor and real life, but today I would like to share my homemade cards.
I have done all kinds of crafts, but I do really like working with paper.
Please enjoy and thank you for inviting me! I always enjoy seeing your art and Uri’s photos, you have a life full of beauty. That’s an awesome thing!
Hugs, Joanne

Thank you Hilde,  Rachel, Penelope and Joanne, I am so pleased! I will keep the party open for a few more days, so whoever likes to come is very welcome!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...those muffins are a lot like your beautiful artwork!

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
ich habe das mit Deiner Party irgendwie verpaßt, da ich gesundheitlich noch immer angschlagen bin.
Ich möchte aber nicht versäumen. Dir für das Neue Jahr viel Gesundheit und persönliches Wohlergehen zu wünschen. Ich freue mich, daß ich Dich gefunden habe und werde Dich oft besuchen.
Liebe Grüße

Eva said...

Es ist doch eine tolle Idee, daß die Party immer weitergehen soll. Je nachdem, wer von Deinen Freundinnen Zeit hat. Noch mehr Gründe, keins Deiner Postings zu verpassen!

2 B's World said...

Wie schön, die Party geht weiter.
Wieder tolle Beiträge, die sehr verlockend sind.
Ich sehe schon, wenn ich die Blogs der Partygäste durchforsten möchte, werden meine Sprachkenntnisse ganz schön gefordert. Aber ich werde mich anstrengen. ;-)

Liebe Grüße von Birgit

Annuk said...

Such wonderful party guests!!!! I'm so really happy to get to know them! And... I love reading German comments, as my mom is German (I grew up bilingual) :)
Alles Liebe und Gute im Neuen Jahr an Euch alle!

Hilde said...

So nice, Yael :) Thank you!

zsazsazsu said...

glad to get to know all these wunderful artists ! thanks Yael !

veroque said...

Simply wonderful!
I'm having fun! Thank you Yael:)

rachel awes said...

oh how wonderful, to be
with all these lovelies!!

aurorafedora said...

oh, this is such a great idea! i just love seeing all these awesome people's art!! thanks, yael, for giving us this opportunity to share with the world!!