Saturday, January 8, 2011


I would like to thank everyone who came to my party!
It was a most enjoyable and happy event with kind, nice and interesting guests from seven countries:  Germany (Eva, Birgit, Dawn, Inbar, Gaby), America (Sheva, Wanda, Elisa, Rachel, Joanne, Alisa, Jill), Israel (Hagar, Vered), Belgium (Sandra), Italy (Anna), Norway (Hilde), and Australia (Penelope).

A very good and positive vibe swept through the whole celebration. Dawn came as Picasso and she and Hagar took a virtual leisure walk together through the old market in Jerusalem and were dreaming about the colors of India. Birgit and Inbar exchanged crochet patterns, and showed us pictures of their beloved dogs, enthusiastically and lovingly telling funny stories about them.  
Eva brought snakes and dragons sewn into a quilt, as well as legends from Estonia, and gave us a little reading of the Estonian language in her engaging voice.

Hilde enchanted everyone with narrations of her wonderful gardens and presented muffins, she had baked for us, looking so pretty, and mhmmm, tasting so delicious. Hagar's rolls, sprinkled with sesame, were finished in no time together with Jill's and Avi's yummy oriental kale salad, how fortunate they made a "truckload"!  Anna and Sandra had a different ring on each finger, their own artful creations, and everyone went ahhhh and ohhhh about them! Alisa and Sheva talked through the whole event with great excitement about antique Egypt and made every one want to visit the marvelous Tut exhibition. Oh, and who would not like to be able to draw and sketch like Alisa! And talking about showing photos:  Anna's Zoe and Elisa's Anni, Sandra's Minou, and Inbar's Red one, Dawn's Black one and Sheva's Mango, and Penelope's Tiggy,  wow, the kitties had their own feast!  

Jill surprised us with little furniture she made from twigs fallen during a storm from the tree into the snow, they are so lovely, everyone just marveled about them, and of course she made us laugh with her jokes: "Ooooooh, I love a party! Ok, I've got a joke. What does the fish say when he gets trapped in the seaweed?...kelp! kelp! Or how about this one: What do you call the vehicle that comes to take the frogs off of the road...a TOAD truck (heeheeheehee!) Great party, Yael!"  
Penelope brought a pincushion and a needle case, lovely pieces, embroidered by her sister. We learned from Gaby what Raku ceramic firing means and she showed us a bit of the process and some of her pretty creations. Wanda's and Rachel's drawings are the dearest things and full of love!  Vered got a lot of compliments and much admiration for her wonderful bead jewelery and we all loved Elisa's beautiful and practical bags. Joanne pleased us with her sweet greeting cards created from colorful paper.

The party distracted me in such a good way from some difficult issues I have currently to deal with. Every day 
I was curious to see who arrived and what was brought and it always left me with a big smile - okay even a grin sometimes (ja, ja Jill...)!!

Dankeschoen, Thank you, Toda raba, Merci Beaucop, Molte Grazie, Tusen takk, Suur Aitäh, Paldies!!

My friend Aiva arrived at the last hour and brought those colorful "cookies"!!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

They are so delicious-looking! I get to eat one right away!

Annuk said...

Oh thank you so much for the delicious cookies, Aiva! YUMMY!!!
And thank you dear Yael for this lovely celebration of all your guests, I really enjoyed it! It shows how much you care about all of us, and what a lovely host you are!!!
I'm so glad the colorful party brought some light and color into your days and helped you smile!
Big hugs!
Anna and Zoe (she thanks for the mention!)

2 B's World said...

Hmmmm...die Cookies sehen toll aus.
Eine sehr farbenfrohe Mischung, die mir sofort gute Laune bringt.

Liebe Yael,
Du hast wundervolle Worte für deine Partygäste gefunden und doch ist es an mir, mich bei Dir für die so herzliche Einladung zu bedanken. Barny und ich haben uns sehr gefreut, daß wir so willkommen bei deiner Party waren.
Es hat Spaß gemacht und war wirklich eine tolle Idee.

Viele liebe Grüße von Birgit und Barny

zsazsazsu said...

Such a nice story you made of this party !
I will lick my screen for tasting the wunderful cupcakes from Aiva !
Hope you dealed with the difficult issues, so
everything is back to normal !

Hilde said...

Each one of Aivas cakes is a small piece of art. Wonderful, and I'm sure also very delicious :)

Yael, thank you (tusen takk) for these kind words to all your party guests. And thank you for taking the time and work to put all guest entries together. You have been a lovely host! So good to hear that the party made you smile in a difficult time.
Hugs, Hilde :)

Hilde said...

Oh, and the blanket you are making - 99 squares that's very impressive! I'm sure your grandaughter will be very happy.

wanda miller said...

OH, such a good idea yael! i thank you as well. to keep yourself distracted with positivity such as you have done, is the healthiest thing you could do for yourself. i hope your issues are on their way out or that you are dealing with them okay. i hope to meet you some day in person. xo

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Welcome Aiva! Glad you were able to make it. What beautiful cookies! I'll try the blue one. yum

Thank you for giving such a wonderful party Yael. Nice meeting all your lovely friends as well!

Smithy said...

Oooo, those cupcakes look far too pretty to eat...but if you insisted I take one, I'd force myself! LOL, LOL So glad your party made you happy are such a lovely spirit....

Bernstein said...

Guten Morgen Yael,
was für ein wunderbares Mitbringsel. Jedes einzelne Teilchen ist ein kleines Kunstwerk für sich. Jedes einzelne Teilchen strotzt vor Inspiration für neue creative Projekte. Ich bin gespannt, ob ich das eine oder andere Teilchen in Deinen Werken wiederfinde.
Dann möchte ich mich auch hier an dieser Stelle noch einmal ganz herzlich bedanken, dass ich an Deiner Blogparty mitfeiern durfte. Es hat mir sehr sehr viel Spaß gemacht und ich habe viele neue Welten kennengelernt. Es war ein wunderschönes Fest und eine super Idee.
GlG Inbar

rachel awes said...

i loooove those colorful cookies!
they are like all of us at your party.. delicious & shining together!

glazedOver said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this was a brilliant idea. Life's challenges can sometimes be tempered by good cheer and friendship. Like a magnet, you drew us all to you, Yael. You made us all enjoy and reap the benefits too.

May the gentle sun forever shine down lovingly on your house.

Objekte-aus-Ton said...

Thank you, Yael, for this wonderful party!
Vielen Dank!
Liebe Grüße