Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sandra, Belgium

Hi Yael,
Here is my little story (on the pebbles :-)))

I found these cute drilled stones on Etsy. I fell in love with them immediately. I love their shape and their beautiful range of colors just right out of nature. But.. how to make something out of these cute stones? I started a ring collection and combined the stones with natural materials such as paper yarn, rubber and leather.
These stones are found on a shore of a lake somewhere in Idaho. So I tried to combine them with
another natural material, driftwood and started to make brooches with them.
To me a lot of inspiration can be found in nature! 
I would like to wish you all the best for 2011, good health, lots of fun moments, joy and happiness and of course lots of time for creativity! I am glad I got to learn to know you in 2010 this enriched my life! X, Sandra.

Elisa, St. Augustine, Florida, United States

Hello Yael!
Thank you for inviting me to your blog party! I've attached a mosaic to go along with my words below.  

All the best, Elisa.

Hello my name is Anni. I am the pesky cat behind Pesky Cat Designs. My mommy Elisa told me about your fantastic blog party and I begged her to take me along. I heard that Golda will be there and I just had to meet her. She sounds like so much fun. As a thank you for letting me come to your party I am bringing some gifts that I hope you will enjoy.
The fresh flowers and bag are for sweet Yael. The thread is for Golda and I to play with. Once we knock them down from their pretty shelf they will give us hours of enjoyment. Everyone at the party is welcome to join in.
If Golda will be hungry I brought along my favorite snack, wheat grass. See how delicious it is. I can not even get my head out of the grass to greet new guests arriving at the party. Sorry! But it tastes so good. Come Golda, try some.
When Golda is so tired from all the thread playing and frolicking she can have a nap in her cat cave. Isn't it pretty. Hope you like your gifts and thanks again for inviting us to this great party!

Inbar, hinter dem Mond gleich links, Germany

Hallo Yael,
hier ist mein Beitrag zu Deiner Party. Ich habe für Dich eine kleine Bildergeschichte gebastelt.
Ich umarme Dich und hoffe, dass es Euch allen gut geht! ♥liche Grüße, Inbar.

Anna, Torino, Italy

Hi Yael :)
first of all let me tell you that you had a WONDERFUL idea!!! The party is so much different from any blog challenge on a given theme... it leaves absolute freedom to express one's own personality! Here is my contribution... Love, Anna.

I live in the Western Alps of Italy, and I really love my mountains! But when the days are short and the LIGHT is so little, I often dream about my beloved Greek Islands of the Aegean, and this fuels my imagination and creativity!
My Zoe, who is a real Island Girl as I adopted her as a homeless kitten from the Greek Island of Rhodes in the summer of 2003, always seeks her little place in the sun, and I like to place a chair in a sunny spot of the kitchen for her!
Her mom, on the other hand, created some new Island-inspired rings! They are meant to be mini "wearable islands"... And even if my beloved one says they remind him of the Flintstones or of cakes (he says that very lovingly of course :)), I think I'm not going to call them "Bedrock Betty" - I'll probably call them "Island On My Finger"...
Each of these rings features three distinct elements, which I have assembled with copper wire and which have a special symbolic meaning: white polymer clay, copper and a real turquoise bead. I have shaped and textured the polymer clay entirely by hand, giving it the look and feel of ceramic: this element stands for the whitewashed, blinding walls, houses and villages of the Aegean. The copper sheet, equally shaped and textured by hand, symbolizes the ever shining bright sun of the Islands. And the turquoise is for that wonderful, mesmerizing sky, for that breathtaking crystal-clear sea, and for those touches of blue you see everywhere in the Aegean. Each of the 3 elements revolves independently, free and linked together at the same time.

I am so happy about all your wonderful contributions to my party - and for all of you who still did not join - the party is still going on and there is plenty more orange juice with gin :-), come in, come in please, have a drink, relax, enjoy!


Pesky Cat Designs said...

It's wonderful to get to meet so many creative and interesting people. This was such a great idea Yael. Now I'm off to have some orange juice with gin! Hope you and Golda like your gifts. :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Anni says she will share her thread and wheat grass with sweet Zoe too. :)

Yael said...

Sweet Elisa!

Yael said...

Oh, and Elisa, Sandra has cats too, I think three of them and I am almost sure there is a cat in Inbar's home as well! You have enough thread and grass? :-) We could have a kitty party some other time! :-) Miau!

Annuk said...

OH YES, a kitty party too!!!! Zoe is already so excited! Thank you Elisa and especially sweet Anni for sharing the thread and grass :)!

Such a wonderful and joyful party, Yael! What better idea to celebrate a creative year and the beginning of a new one??? Thank you so much for inviting me (Zoe asked me to join too!), it's such a pleasure to be here among so many beautiful and talented people!

Bernstein said...

Oh Yael,
Deine Party ist so eine wundervolle Idee. Es gibt so viele überraschende und überaus creative Dinge zu bewundern, die ich ohne Deine Party nie entdeckt hätte.
Ein toller Abschluss für das alte Jahr und eine große Inspiration für das Neue.
GlG Inbar

zsazsazsu said...

I am in for the kitty party ! That would be fun too :-)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Oh, wow, this is the best party I've ever been to--to see so many of my friends, and some new ones too! Thanks Yael, and XOXO

Eva said...

This sleeping den for the cat with the grass and flowers on top is really amazing! Just right for little animals looking for shelter. I love this idea! Have it patented, Elisa!

Objekte-aus-Ton said...

Du hast wundervolle Gäste bei Deiner Party!
Ein gutes neues Jahr 2011 wünsche ich Dir von Herzen!

Objekte-aus-Ton said...

Yael, ich habe bis jetzt nicht so ganz verstanden, wie das mit der Party funktioniert!
Kannst Du es mir erklären?

Yael said...

Du schickst mir einfach per e-mail photos von Deinen Kreationen und erzaehltst ein wenig darueber! Willkommen! e-mail rechts oben

Butterfly Dreams said...

Liebe Yael,

ein tolle Idee diese Party,leider fehlt mir gerade ein bisschen die Zeit um mich beteiligen zu können,aber ich möchte Dir einen lieben Gruß zum neuen Jahr hierlassen.
Ich wünsche ich Dir und Deinen Lieben alles alles Gute für dieses neue Jahr.
Mögen Deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen aber auch Wünsche und Träume bleiben.

Herzliche Grüße

Hilde said...

So many creative women visiting your party, Yael! These are all brilliant creations and great ideas in this post.

I wish a happy new year to you and yours!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Anni is so happy that so many kitties are coming!

And Eva, I wish I made the cat cave. I only make purses. hehe These incredible pieces of functional art are called Katzenhoehle, or cat caves. Each is handmade of felted wool by German artist Dornroeschen Filzunikate. I am sure she has it patented! It's fantastic!

And once again Yael, your party is

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Ops, I did not finish my sentence above.

I wanted to say that your party is so wonderful and thanks again for inviting Anni and I!

glazedOver said...

This is such a brilliant idea, Yael. I'm having such fun getting to meet your blog friends in this way. And piecing everyone together with the comments they've been leaving for you all this time is such a thrill. You are a genius to have done this!