Monday, September 6, 2010

YAEL - What's in a name?

I was not always called Yael. I chose this name for me together with my husband upon my arrival in Israel almost thirty years ago. Why? Because I liked its sound and its connotation and it suited me fine! The name given to me by my parents had the meaning of strength and power. From early childhood on I did not like my name at all (actually I hated it!) and I did not identify with it.  When I had the opportunity to change it I gladly did!
So how about "Yael"? There is an opinion circulating regarding this name which says it means something like "strength of God", or "God is", or "God does" referring to the syllables Ya, as in Yaweh (God) and  el as in Elohim (God). This is a mistake because of the Hebrew writing of Yael, it is jud, ain, lamed יעל which has none of the above meaning whatsoever.  An Ibex, a Mountain Goat, eine Bergziege, this is the simple and beautiful meaning of my name Yael.
I was inspired to write this post by my blogger friend Inbar Bernstein - her birth name is a Hebrew name as well!  
The photographs were taken by my husband near the Dead Sea.


Bernstein said...

Mir fehlen die Worte, Tränen fließen - danke für die Worte und die herrlichen Bilder.
Inbar Bernstein

Eva said...

Was für ein herrlicher Steinbock! Danke für die Erklärung, ich hätte auch schon fast gefragt.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love your 'new' name, and I love the photos of the mountain goat your husband took.

Michelle said...

This Photos are very Beautiful!
And about Names,
I think that is really interesting,
I also feel with every Name there is a energy flow in it and it can
match a person so well or not....
Yeal is wonderful!!!

Hilde said...

Dear Yael, thank you for an interesting post and lovely photos. Yael is a beautiful name :)

Smithy said...

I am so glad you changed your name to one that brings you contentment and light in your heart Yael....the Ibex is such a beautiful creature, as are you :)

2 B's World said...

Hallo Yael,
einige Male war ich schon auf deiner Seite. Durch unsere Bernstein habe ich sie gefunden.
Mein Englisch reicht nicht aus, um wirklich alles zu verstehen...aber einige Teile verstehe ich. Und die Bilder, die sind in jeder Sprache gleich.
Heute nun wollte ich unbedingt liebe Grüße da lassen und Dir schreiben, wie sehr ich deine Bilder mag. Ganz tolle Aufnahmen sind dabei, die man immer wieder mit Freude genießt.

Liebe Grüße von 2 B's World

Anonymous said...

שלום אמא,
התמונות עם היעלים משגעות.
ההסבר יפה והשם גם.
והרי באותה יעל עדיין אותו החוזק שסימל השם הישן.
החיים הם המשכיות, שם רודף שם והנה כי טוב.
בתך, כרמן.

wanda miller said...

Well now i see, i wasn't the only one that wanted to know the meaning of your name, yael! thank you so very much and i LOVE's in crossword puzzles a lot..beautiful animal, beautiful photo's....beautiful, yael you are! xo