Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We don't eat junk food, but cooking is not a priority in my life - although no one will go hungry in my family. So whenever I can grab a recipe which is simple and quick I go for it! I have some favorites. One is a five minute preparation time cheese cake (okay ten minutes!) and another one is the malt beer bread I posted a while ago (what? you still didn't try it?), and the pecan cookies from an earlier post are fast and easy to make as well. 

This chicken recipe was given to me a long time ago by a dear friend, much older than me, who would always call me "Bubale" and who's name was Uri, like my husbands. He sadly passed away already, but this recipe stays with me and reminds me of his wonderful personality and kindness every time I cook it. It is very simple with few ingredients but it comes out tasty and delicious:

1      big chicken, divided into eight or ten pieces
2      big onions, quartered
8      or more cloves of garlic, cut up a bit
1/2   cup ketchup
1/2   cup soy sauce
1/2   cup coca cola
1/2   cup apricot jam (marmalade)
1      teaspoon hot pepper (paprika)

Put the chicken pieces in a pan, mix all the ingredients and spill them over the chicken, cover the pan with aluminum foil and keep it in the oven by 220 degrees C (preheated) for an hour and 15 minutes or so, rotate the pieces every half hour and pour sauce over them. Take the alu foil off, increase the temperature to 250 C and let them brown and the sauce thicken. Good with rice! BeTeavon! Guten Appetit!

Sometimes I make a whole meal out of it and add to the pan cut up potatoes, carrots and mushrooms - everything will soak up the sauce and taste yummy!  
Don't be mad at me - THOSE are roosters not chicken!! Aren't they beautiful?
Photographed of course by my husband Uri at the Dan Reserve in the Galilee.


Bernstein said...

Oh , das klingt lecker. Das werde ich in jedem Fall ausprobieren.
Wenn ich die stolzen Hähne auf den Bilder ansehe, habe ich allerdings ein schlechtes Gewissen, ihre Kameraden in die Pfanne zu geben ;o)))
Bin schon gespannt, wie es schmeckt. Danke für das Rezept.
GlG Inbar

Yael said...

Eijajei - hab' doch gesagt: don't be mad at me!

rachel awes said...

lots of pretties here!
& pomegranate crowns
& the meaning of your name!!
what lovely blog-ground!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

This sounds wonderful! I love chicken, and I'm going to try this!

aurorafedora said...

ha! we've both had pics of roosters on our blogs now! that recipe sounds pretty good too!

Hilde said...

I'll write down the receipe in my receipe-book, it sounds very interesting (I have never tried coca cola in a dish before). My children love chicken, I think they'll like this meal.

Nice colours on the roosters. Great photos :-)

art spirit said...

The chicken recipe sounds yummy! I'll have to try it! Now I am going to go look for the pecan cookies!

Smithy said...

The roosters are sublimely beautiful in their male plumage! Hard to imagine them in a pot! LOL Recipe sounds interesting, Yael; I have heard of other recipes using Coca Cola, but have yet to try it :)

Eva said...

Selten solche stolzen Hähne gesehen! Wunderschöne Fotos.

veroque said...

Mmmmmm.....sounds good!