Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This Specht, wood pecker, Nakar Suri - נקר סורי loved our already leaf less  fig tree!
And of course my husband hurried to get the camera!


Eva said...

Lovely pictures! I sometimes chase birds, but in spite of my 10x zoom, I hardly ever catch them as beautifully as this one.

fleurfatale said...

oooh gosh, he is so beautiful!, birds always impress me!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm also impressed...we have a woodpecker that visits us, and this one looks very similar--he's stunning! Bravo for the beautiful photos!

veroque said...

איזה ברי מזל גם להספיק לראות וגם לצלם!

Hilde said...

He is so sweet, love the pictures :)

I have woodpeckers living in the small wood outside our house. During winter they visit the feeding place I put out for the birds. And I know woodpeckers are not easy to photograph!

Thank you for your comment, Yael :) Aronia berries are called 'black chokeberries' in English, and in German 'Apfelbeere'. These berries have a lot of health benefits, but need a lot of sugar when processing as they are very sour.
My apple jelly I make from fresh apples, and boil the juice with sugar.


zsazsazsu said...

He is a beauty !

2 B's World said...

So schöne Bilder.
Ein hübsches Exemplar.
Gut, daß ihr ihn so schön vor die Linse bekommen habt...obwohl ich mich immer ganz behutsam heranwage, gelingen mir so tolle Aufnahmen von der Vogelwelt eher selten.

Liebe Grüße von 2 B's

Bernstein said...

Wow, Respekt dem Fotografen. Die Bilder von dem Buntspecht? sind wirklich gelungen. Hackt er denn auch Löcher in den Feigenbaum? Hat sich dort irgendein Schädling im Inneren breitgemacht? Oder findet er den Baum einfach so anziehend?
Wenn ich in der freien Natur bin, ist es immer ein besonderes Erlebnis für mich, wenn ich Spechte sehe oder klopfen oder rufen höre.
GlG Inbar

aurorafedora said...

oh, i just love woodpeckers!! t.w. saw the pics and said :it's a woodpecker gammie!" he's so smart!

rachel awes said...

what a gift to have
such a visitor!
(& by the way,
your visits
are always
gifts to me too!).

Smithy said...

What a handsome fellow! Lovely pix Yael; so clear! A nice visitor to find in your garden...we don't have them here in Australia-woodpeckers, that is! LOL

art spirit said...

Great photos of the woodpecker...we have many up here where I live in the mountains. I think they are hiding acorns in the tree tops right now!