Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I saw a movie yesterday evening on TV and some one said there:
"Love does not die - time can not kill it - and not many miles - even not death."
I like that.
                                                      I love you Gisa!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Whose garden is that? It's beautiful! So are the blond and the brunette! What a sister-pair!!!

fleurfatale said...

indeed, a very wise and beautiful thought!

glazedOver said...

No, love never dies.

And the answer to the perpetual question is: yes, it is better to have loved and to have been loved.

Such a poignant post, Yael. Sending you much love. ~Jill

veroque said...

מרגש מאוד מאוד יעל.

למרות החור שנשאר בלב ולמרות הגעגוע, אין תחליף לאהבה.

Tanja said...

Hi Gise,
I keep you in my heart!
Love Tanja

נועם said...

יפה מאוד נוגע ללב ומרגש תמונה ממש יפה אוהב נועם