Friday, July 9, 2010


Over the last week I had some 'issues' - you know the normal stuff life sometimes provides you with and it resulted in anger, sadness, frustration... So one day I started to make birds from fabric,  I cut out four or five, using  colorful, beautiful cotton. I stuffed them with poly fill and I added lavender to make them smell good. I gave them eyes to see and wings to fly - they looked so lovely, and they made me feel so much better. 
I thought if five got my mood improved, I just go on till I feel balanced and good again - it happened with number 21, after number 20 I started smiling, and after number 21 I could stop making birds, my world looked in order once more.
So what will I do with all those lovely birds? I still do not know, but today in the afternoon I was playing with them in the garden...
Pattern by spoolsewing


veroque said...

כולנו יושבים פה ומתפעלים מלהקת הציפורים שלך. איזה יופי שיש מקום שאפשר לבטא את התיסכולים שלנו. וציפורים- כמה דברים הם מסמלים?
אהבתי את התמונות, נראה כל כך טבעי להם שם. ואיך דפי מסתכלת בהם בסקרונות.
כל הכבוד לצלמים, שאפו:)

Crafty said...

What lovely birds!! I love them! The colours are stunning! Good job!

glazedOver said...

Some people hit the bottle when life's challenges become oppressive. You hit the sewing machine! How brilliant, how honorable, how productive. This was a 21-bird life challenge and look at how charming are the results. It looks like they not only comforted you but they're even working on Dafi too! I'm glad you're feeling better, Yael.

Anonymous said...

הי יעלי!
כבר יומיים אני מנסה לכתוב בבלוג שלך ועם החוש הטכני שלי, אני לא מצליחה להעביר את זה. רציתי לכתוב שם כמה שאהבתי את הצפרים שלך. הן כל כך משמחות, צבעוניות ואביביות שנדמה לי אפילו שאני שומעת אותן שרות. וגם הצילומים מקסימים.
שבוע טוב ולהתראות רוני

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, they are so beautiful!!! Why didn't I see this post before? I must be blinded by the 100 degrees in the shade. I know exactly how you feel--so I am in my studio, and I am beginning to smile too!

I just LOVE the photos too--hmm,,,the birds are irresistible! And your cat and dog are too!

Eva said...

What a lovely way to transform one's feelings! These birds are just wonderful, and I think this is the way to make them come alive: Letting them sit on branches or take them down to cuddle them from time to time!