Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Some time ago I followed together with some of my friends an invitation from Ruth Dayan to visit her in her home in Tel Aviv. This was a joyous morning full of laughter and fun and a marvelous lunch prepared by her helper Ethel. 

Ruth Dayan is an exceptional woman of many interests who looks back on a full life of being the wife of former defense minister Moshe Dayan, of  family and friends, art, craft, teaching, traveling and caring for the needs of others. With her warm and outgoing personality, with her wits and bravery, she is loved and admired by many. In her spare time as a hobby she likes knitting dolls and teddy bears for her great grand children and as little gifts for her friends.

She has reached 'old age', but her mind is as vivid and sharp as ever and she is very beautiful, always dressed chic and adorned with pretty jewelry. Her stories about her life and the modern history of Israel are endless and interesting and she tells them willingly with enthusiasm, smiles and flailing hands - and we love to listen! Her apartment is full of memorability, keepsakes, art and books and has a warm and good flair about.
I am glad we had this experience - enjoy the photos!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love the art on Ruth's walls, and this group looks so happy to be there! She certainly has a lot of charisma...what a wonderful visit!

glazedOver said...

What a treat. Her dolls are just precious. I envy you the opportunity to have spent this time with such an inspiration of a woman. Such a privilege!