Friday, May 28, 2010


On the occasion of a trip to Jerusalem yesterday we visited the Arab Bazaar inside the walls of the Old City. We entered through Bab al-Khalil, the Jaffa Gate, near the Tower of David, which leads straight into the bustling heart of the souk. Colorful market stalls, coffeehouses and shops line a stone stepped narrow street going downhill. 
The storekeepers are Arabs, experts at getting the highest possible prices from their buyers, playing the bargain game with them. If you are the costumer be aware, they are very skilled in getting what they want - the more you desire the article, the more you should pretend that you are not interested. The most important thing is to stay friendly and polite, this way you can enjoy the game and the outcome.
As you stroll down the market you will see a thousand different items, there seems to be everything - clothing, bags, carpets, beads, beads, beads, antique embroidered Bedouin dresses, ceramics, incense, glass, leather sandals, spices, dried fruit, some antiques, questionable and real, Christian and Jewish memorabilia, jewelery, items carved out of olive wood, sweets and much more. 
The place is loaded with texture and color, with different people, local Arabs and Jews, and visitors from many countries, with smells wafting and music coming from the stalls.

Every time I visit there, I am filled with excitement, very childlike and pleasing! 


veroque said...

איזה יופי של תמונות וצבעים. אני ממש יכולה להריח את הריחות ולשמוע את קולות השוק. אחד השווקים המדהימים ביותר בעיני.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, when I visit you one day...we will go to the old city of Jerusalem. We will bargain, then drink tea in a little nook, then walk through the cool walkways of the bazaar, and get some spices and scents! Oh--I may as well start packing my bags!

Loddelina said...

I just came over from Peskycat - Elisa's blog and must say how much I enjoyed this post! Amazing colours, makes me feel like I was there at the bazaar with you!

take care,

Farnoosh said...

Ah look at all that SAFFRON! I wonder if it's expensive ;)! I would LOVE to visit Israel someday - and I shall think of you when I walk through this beautiful bazaar!

Yael said...

Do not only think of me, call me while you are here, and we will meet!!! :-)