Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Empty plastic bottles , (cut in half filled with crumbled news paper), paper towels, newspaper strips, paper pulp, glue made from water and flour, white glue, wall paper glue, some tape and wire, sticks for the legs, glue gun (for fixing the head and the legs to the body), card board - with those basic ingredients you are on your way! So much fun!!!
And this is (was) the papiermache kitchen studio with some finished and some unfinished products! Warning: You better don't go into this - it is VERY addictive!! And for some weeks we did eat with the plates on our knees!!!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

This was a thrilling show! I think they are rather artistic, expressive and lovely!

Anonymous said...

Tanja said...

I am sure Uri did not get dinner at this day :-)

One of these little sheep stands on my writing desk in Germany. Mine is colored in violet, orange, and green! I love it!
Toda Ima!!