Saturday, May 1, 2010


Have you ever had days when you enjoyed every single thing, when you were thankful  for the smallest details, when you did breathe deeply every moment, when you were happy that you were alive, when you felt good about yourself, with no trouble and pain in sight? 

When you enjoyed the simple food you had brought along, tasted the nuts and the apple, when you felt the wind at your back and the sun caressing your face and warming your body? When you marveled in natures gifts, in every hill, spring, tree or flower, in the blue sky and the white clouds? And in your beloved's presence? When in the privacy of your heart you said: I am here and all is good?

When no one and nothing bothered you and you felt free to smile and shut your eyes and open them again in astonishment and appreciation of what you saw? When there was music and laughter and stories on the way?
Well, yesterday I did have one - another one came my way - a happy day! I am thankful...
'It is the life and love I've found, that stands me up on happy ground...'

Ein Teena, Hula Valley, Iris Anef ,איריס ענף Yellow Iris, Iris pseudacorus


Anonymous said...

With all happiness you bring upon others, you deserve all your days to be at least as happy as this one.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

You are so beautiful, have given me so many things to be happy about...and I love that picture of you and your beautiful dog, and your husband's beautiful photos! Thank you, all three of you!

veroque said...

כמה שאורי צודק! את מביאה כל כך הרבה טוב ושמחה לעולם ומגיעה לך כל שניה של שמחה. לא הכרתי עוד אדם כל כך נדיב כמוך. אוהבת אותך ומאחלת לך את כל השמחה שתוכלי לקבל, ב-כ-ל יום.

veroque said...

אהה... והצילומים נהדרים, כרגיל. חגיגה לעיניים!
את נראית נהדר יעל:)

glazedOver said...

Beautiful, just as you described it. So eloquently written.