Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Our son Yaron hosts at his college a weekly radio show, named 'Tranceformers . He is into Trance Music since the age of fifteen/sixteen and creates electronic music also by himself.
Here is one of his pieces:

Faxi Nadu - Sakura Saku (Love Hina Theme Remix)
I know Trance Music is not of every ones taste, feel free to have a peek or not!

This is the advertising site of 'Tranceformers':

'Tranceformers is the psytrance radio-magazine of Radio Kol Aher, of the College of Ariel, Israel.
The Crew:
Yaron Eshkar (Faxi Nadu), Tal Livne, Itai Dahari
Past Crew:
Shiran Atuar, Erez Netaneli, Rei Maddoc
LIVE - Wednesdays at 22.00 (Israel time), 20.00 (GMT time)
Download Our Past Shows HERE
Listen to us online from anywhere on the globe at http://radio106.fm
As well as through 106FM on your FM dial in the area of Ariel, Israel
Join us on Facebook'

Here is one of their recordings: (it takes about fifteen minutes to download)

This is one where Yaron interviews a guest Trance artist from Spain (and plays his music), so it is in English:


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I enjoy this kind of music when I'm cooking dinner and have to concentrate--olive oil is hot, onions in, chop up the mushrooms...my husband thinks I'm crazy--but it gives me energy and helps me concentrate...and it's cool!

glazedOver said...

Wow, such a fascinating, sonorant vibe. I'm trying to picture Dawn choppping onions while listening to this. It really draws you in and makes you listen and try to decipher the details. I can see how concentration would be heightened by hearing this.

Kol haKavod, Yaron, me'od marshim.

veroque said...

מאוד נהניתי, המון זמן לא שמעתי טראנס.