Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This current exhibition, curated by Haim Maor, at the Open University in Raanana is - I would say - a Must-See! People will have very different opinions and feelings about it, from wonder to shock! Sara Nissim is a very special artist, I would say Fiber Artist, but that does not include her whole spectrum. How do you call what you see? Grandiose? Fantastic? Crazy? Obsessive? Incredible? Breathtaking? Outstanding? Shocking? All of it? What is it? Quilts? Mixed Media? Fiber Art? All of it? If you love her work or not - there is no doubt that Sara Nissim is a great artist, with a spectacular sense of color and design. She will evoke feelings in you and response! You will think and talk about her art - it will do something to you, this way or the other. Isn't that what art is all about? To get you FEEL something?

Sara gives birth to her creations! There is no color under the sky and in the rainbow she will not use. She recycles and reuses. She collects, and she will work EVERYTHING into her wall hangings, her dolls, her lamps and her costumes. The tops and bottoms of plastic bottles, bottle caps, thousands of them, soda can opener rings, watches, keys, little mirrors, lace, ribbons, fabric, ANY fabric, ANY color, embroidery - old, new, traditional, modern, antic even - beads, buttons, millions of them, dolls, toys, ANY toys from ANY material, old kitchen utensils, tea kettles, old meat grinding devices, I am sure I forgot to mention more. And she does it skillfully and to perfection and with a great amount of diligence and technical knowledge!

We visited the exhibition two weeks ago and we loved and admired it and felt its glorious magic! Here are a few pictures, zoom in, you HAVE to see the details. If you like to see more, open the link below and enjoy! (All photographs by my husband Uri.) The exhibition is still open - go to visit!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Her work defies description! I am deeply impressed!

Adele Tamir said...

Thank you for an incredible experience. YOur choice of color,materials and techniques are amazing. What a gift you have!!