Thursday, March 4, 2010


I LOVE pomegranates, I love every aspect of the pomegranate. The trees flowering in spring, those lovely stars developing into a gorgeous fruit…it is beautiful, sweet and marvelous! It is really a royal fruit, fit for a king and also for the poor, symbol of fertility, bounty and eternity, mentioned throughout the centuries from Greek mythology to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. There is no bigger pleasure than to open a ripe pomegranate enjoying the sight of it and then eating the juicy kernels one after the tasty!!! Many, many times I have used the pomegranate motif in my work, appliqued on bags, backpacks, clutches, potholders, place mats, fabric boxes, you name it.

Yesterday I got a gorgeous gift from my friend Cecilia. She made this glass box with a stylized pomegranate for me. I was thrilled to receive such a marvelous present! The box is beautiful, its colors vibrant with the light shining through them, just lovely! Thank you Cec, I will cherish this forever!

Cecilia Cohen is an excellent glass artist, creating stained glass, fused glass, lamp work beads, glass jewelry, glass boxes, windows, frames and all kind of commissioned glass works, including synagogue windows. You can see her wonderful creations at her internet shop and at her blog.

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Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael--that box is simply gorgeous! I love the pomegranate as well, and I have never seen the flowers but I have picked one from a tree growing wild in Greece, and I ate it there on the dirt road, and it was so sweet-sour--I was hooked! I love winter here, because that's the pomegranate season and I live on them in winter!