Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Golan Heights are exploding with spring flowers right now and we went this weekend in time to  enjoy them, because with all this hot hamsin days and no rain in sight, they won't last too long! It is so beautiful there! The yellow and blue colors are celebrating, with the red still in charge and purple and pink mixed in, and everything is tucked into lush green! It is all about texture, shape and color. The sun is shining, the sky is turquoise, the landscape is wonderful, you are just happy up there, you forget about all your troubles and it lasts a long while after it!

The Golan Irises were in full bloom yesterday and their beauty is breathtaking, you get silent and thankful and calm viewing them! You wish to bow to them, like to Queens! Zoom in and enjoy!

At this link you can find more pictures, photographed by Uri yesterday.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Brilliant--I get calm just by looking at these pictures, especially zooming in.

veroque said...

איזה תמונות מקסימות!!!
את ואורי מצליחים לגרום לי לרצות לצאת לטייל, למרות ימי החמסין המתישים האלה.
אוהבת לראות את הארץ דרך העיניים שלך:)

עדי said...

היתיי ממש רוצה לראות אותן באמת ^^
תמונות מדהימות כמו תמיד!

glazedOver said...

Amazing. They look like people congregating and listening to some important lecture, or awaiting an audience with the Queen!