Sunday, March 1, 2015


So it is two weeks after the opening and the excitement has calmed down. My husband took the above photo yesterday during a quiet hour at the gallery.

This painting is called "Time flows" and there are the eyes for "Watch" and the hands for "Touch" and the lips for "Talk" and the notes for "Listen" and the heart for "Feel". There are the fish and the hands and the eyes and the blue color against the evil eye. There are the clocks ticking and the river of time flowing. There are European towns and trees and Mediterranean towns and trees, palm trees, yes. There is silver and gold for the glitters of life, red and orange for joy, and greens for calm and quiet. There are the stars and a dose of yellow for hope. It is a painting without sadness.

Many people came to visit. Of course my whole family was there and almost all of my friends. My oldest guest was 98 year old Ruth Dayan, who did us the honor of a lovely speech, and was very much welcomed by everyone.

My husband said kind words about me and my art which made me blush. I sold two paintings at the opening and one yesterday.

                       "Going to the Game"

It was a good day. People liked my paintings, they talked about the colorfulness and the humorous images. They asked me about meanings and had explanations by themselves. They smiled a lot and I liked that. I think I will go on painting... :-)

                 "The Heart Messenger" (very important task)

The manager of the gallery, Michal Shibolet, and the curator, Dorit Talmon, did a great job in organizing the event, advertising, and arranging the paintings in a pleasing manner. I am very thankful to them.

The exhibition will be open till March 14.

Photographs as always by my husband Uri Eshkar.

All images are my copyright, please do not use without asking permission.


Bob Bushell said...

Oh wow, you deserve it, you are an artist, it's really is an honour to be to be friends.

aelva said...

Hallo Yael,
das glaub ich Dir sofort, dass das eine aufregende Zeit war. Gratualation zu diesem Erfolg, der, wie ich empfinde, frei macht für mehr. Ich freu mich mit Dir und darauf, immer wieder etwas über Deine Malerei zu erfahren, sowie über Leben, Land und Leute in Israel.

Beste Grüße

Anonymous said...

Es sind aber auch wirklich sehr schöne Bilder! Bin stolz auf meine Tante :*

wanda miller said...

it is so WONDERFUL to see you in ACTION and at REST, and always with a smile. your HAPPY BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK speaks volumes about you WONDROUS FRIEND! CONGRATULATIONS all around!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm so proud of you, Yael--and WOWOWOW!!! You have done it!!!!

stardust said...

Nice to see you, Yael, sitting in a relaxed way at the art gallery and how the great event going on. It must be spectacular to see all the works at one place. Your works stimulate my imagination powerfully. While I think interpretation is up to us, I like to listen to what is in the creator's mind, and enjoyed your explanation. Thanks for guiding me to this post.


Shammickite said...

Hello Yael: I really like all your paintings, very full of colour and symbolism and lovely designs. I'm a student painter too.... loved painting and drawing at high school and then real life kicked in, marriage, children, jobs, etc. But 2 years ago I started painting again, and I love it, Haven't been brave enough for an exhibition though!

Tanja said...

Liebe Ima, die Ausstellung ist ganz wundervoll, so schöne Bilder. Du hast einfach soviel Talent ...
Nishika amoka!

Friko said...

Congratulations on your successful exhibition. There is something so joyous and innocent about your paintings that they just make the observer laugh.

I like them very much, particularly the two cockerels with their big bellies, anyway, that’s what I think they are.

Susan Lenz said...

Thanks so much for the kind words on my recent blog post ... especially at a time when everyone ought to be saying the most fabulous compliments about your work and your exhibition! Your style and color are wonderful. The fact that you started painting a mere two years ago is incredible. Your artistic flair, perseverance, and attention to professionalism at every level is on every canvas. Congratulations on your well earned respect, success, and sales. Your family looks great too! Susan

Tomoko said...

Congratulations, Yael!
It is fantastic,the number of paintings you worked. The color and style in your work are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

I am going through your former posts,enjoying them.
Enjoy your day!