Wednesday, March 4, 2015


HaBonim is maybe the most beautiful beach in Israel. It is composed of a rugged shoreline, with sculpted rocks, and ridges and platforms of kurkar, the fossilized sand dunes which are native to the land. And there is the blue Mediterranean, spreading to the horizon, endless and forever...

This coastal Nature Reserve is a true soul soother, a filler of the heart, a gift for the senses.
It is located at the base of the Carmel mountains, stretching from Kibbutz HaBonim to Moshav Dor. Walking routes pass through a very unique natural world with fantastic sites. Inlets with rising rocks of calcareous sandstone, their tops flattened and leveled down to flats, abraded by the constant crashing of the waves, alternate with little bays, some filled with millions of shells. The trails are pleasant and easy to hike, and provide stunning views, winding past small pools and blue lagoons edged with fine sand.

To be there is a treat all year around, but winter and spring bring forward a great variety of plants and wildflowers along this shore, and that has been the reason for our visit some days ago. While strolling we met the lovely purple irises, we saw the ground dotted with white and pink and blue and yellow, and we enjoyed it. 

But we came for the tulips. Yes there is a flower hill and at this time of the year it belongs mostly to the tulips and provides a stunning and fantastic show of flaming red. Thousands of exquisite short, firm and strong tulips are blooming above the sea. It is like an explosion of gorgeousness. Their bold crimson color, together with the blue/turquoise/green of the sea, the azure sky and the soft light hue of the sand cause a striking sight.

A salty wind was blowing that day. Only the sound of the waves invaded the stillness, except for an occasional shriek of a sea gull. Taking all the goodness in felt like hiding away from daily reality, like magic, hm, yes like happiness pure.

There is much more to explore at this wonderful strip of coastline, breathtaking sunsets included. Bathing and swimming is prohibited at the reserve, but there is a public beach to enjoy only a short distance away.

P.S. And then I painted it...


Photos by Uri Eshkar.


Irmtraud Kesselring said...

Lieeb Yael,
Uri hat wieder ganz wundervolle Fotos gemacht. Das Blütenmeer ist einfach unbeschreiblich. Die Tulpen
sind einfach traumhaft.
Einen schönen Wochenteiler wünscht dir

Bob Bushell said...

Bella, bella, bella, what a splendid sea shore, I love it very much Yael.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Oh Yael, just magnificent in every way--I could feel the fresh salty air!

Friko said...

If paradise were a seashore then this would be it.

wanda miller said...

absolutely GORGEOUS photos! Boy, there is much more sea life there than here...shells become more and more scarce as time goes by, it is a sign of such pollution. I would be HAPPY on any coast, and I can just smell the air from here, peering at these pictures. xoxo

今、この一瞬を said...




It is beautiful nature.

Thank you for always visiting.

Greetings from Japan.

Laura said...

beautiful, beautiful blooms!!! I look forward to the return of a brighter palette. The earth is still covered with snow and the skies are quite grey this morning.

stardust said...

Dear Yael - I like the sea, the sky, nice landscape, comfortable breeze, sunshine, flowers growing wild in a mass…, all I can find here. The ideal place to go to relax myself. Thanks for sharing. Tell Uri that his photography is really something. Take care and have happy days ahead.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

So beautiful!