Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I am crocheting with the air condition running and my legs up. I try to escape the scorching heat outside as much as possible. I still have a lot of that bargain wool left, enough for another two or three bags. I imagine cool winter days. And just now I refuse to remember that in winter I complain about the cold, even so it never gets really cold here, no minus degrees ever, except on Mount Hermon and the surrounding area of course. But for five more months it will be hot during the day, very hot, the sun providing fiercely, and the nights keep the heat and hold on to it stubbornly! But the early mornings are lovely. I get up with the first twittering of the birds and sit outside with a cup of coffee in my hands and enjoy the fresh air of dawn with deep breaths...

This felted, striped and quite big bag will be snugly and comforting in cold and rainy days. Imagine it on the shoulder of a beautiful coat in a snowy street! It has everything that is needed. A build in front pocket, another one on the back for glasses or cell phone. It is lined with a lion cotton print and has one inside pocket and a key swivel. The lovely handles with the wooden beads, and the nice buttons enhance it and declare it GORGEOUS! Don't you think? :-)

Tomorrow I show you the red one!

I am yearning for my sewing machine, but it still is hard for me to sit in front of it for a longer period of time. I am going to the physiotherapist once a week, and I am doing my back exercises at home. Some days are good and some are less enjoyable, but slowly I am getting better and I haul my spirit back too! In Arabic they say: Yom Asal, yom Basal - one day honey, one day onion! :-)


zsazsazsu said...

Please do not talk about winter, we didn't even have summer here yet :-(

Feel the same with my elbow as you do with your back. But ... slowly but surely it will work out again for us.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, that chocolate bag is...is...***I am in love***

It's so squishy-beautiful! I can imagine cutting a figure anytime of the year. Fall-Spring-Winter, a cool summer day...

Grab it somebody, fast! Yael's bags are to die for!!!

And Yael, oh, I complain so bitterly about the cold here, even in summer! Luckily this week the weather is getting better.

Big hugs, and I know you will get on your feet again! XOX

Jutta said...

Liebe Yael,

wunderschön sind Deine gehäkelten Taschen. Auf dem Gebiet bist Du wirklich eine Künstlerin. Aber was machst Du eigentlich mit den ganzen Taschen?

Die kleinen weiß-blauen Blümchen sehen auch ganz bezaubernd aus.

Liebe Grüße

Bob Bushell said...

What a wonderful bag that you made. I'm sorry about your back, but your getting better, slowly.


I must confess that I also find comforting the thought of Autumn and winter; although I try to live the present.
Thank you my gorgeous friend. I love, love your bag.

Annuk said...

What a wonderful bag, Yael!!!! Yes, I can imagine it on a snowy day, over a winter coat... delicious! :)

It's hot here in Greece too (maybe not as hot as in Israel), but the prospective of 5 hot months without a single cloud or drop of rain is of course challenging. One time I spent 4 summer months here and I was dreaming of fresh green forests and Alpine lakes LOL! ;) But then again, when it's grey in the winter I dream about this light... and my jewelry (that I make mostly in the wonter months) tells it all! :)

Hilde said...

What a stunning bag, Yael!! The colours, buttons and handles are just perfect. Love it :)

Hope you get well very soon!!
Hugs :)

stardust said...

I also try to stay indoors in summer when temperature soars up to 35-38 degrees Celsius. Our summer is notorious for high humidity and sizzling heat. Since only one nuclear power plant is under operation, we are supposed to save power. The bag is so lovely. I think it would go well orange sweater as well as yellow one and would look chic with black coat. In the last post, the photos of he blue water hyacinths are stunning! It really was worth venturing into that place. Wish your sooner recovery.


Misfits Vintage said...

Hmmm... it's minus six degrees here as I type and I HATE it. I don't mind the heat too much so long as it's cool enough to sleep at night... Summer is only six months away...

The bag is GORGEOUS - I can't wait to see the red one!

Sarah xxx

TarracoStyle said...

me gustan las rayas y sus colores!!