Sunday, July 22, 2012


Here is the result - five days of working and playing in a frenzy with those sparkling fabric strips - very practical and pretty zippered pouches in three sizes. 
The polka dot I will keep - It is my favorite!
I am very fond of this one too, here the middle strip was already pieced by my friend. For some reason she did not use it, I just bordered it. The strip was long enough for the front and the back.
Ah yes and here - the chicken coop under the bright sun! :-) There were only two small pieces of hen fabric. How lovely!

I found some ready pieced blocks among the remnants, probably leftovers from some quilting project, eight of them were just enough for each of those three pouches, they are very frolicsome!
Here is the purple one:
The red and orange are the happiest colors, the buttons add to their charm.

Those two are more serious and calmer:

Pink for the pink!
Brown hues and a lot of texture - I loved working with those fabrics especially!

I made fourteen and they are all different - I loved creating those little treasures, and I very much appreciate this gift from my friend. I have more scraps left, but for now I stopped sewing, I have other things in mind. Next week I will decide what to do with the rest.

Please click on the photos to see all the details.


Eva said...

Fourteen!!! Oh dear, you've been busy. An outbreak of creativity. And wow they are beautiful, almost each of them a jewel. Love love love what you did!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, I am in awe! I have never seen such a gorgeous collection of scrumptuousness all together!!!

Your powers of creativity are driving me to my studio, for 'you know what'!!!

Zaunwinde said...

Liebe Yael, die fünf Tage Arbeit haben sich wirklich gelohnt, ich habe noch nie so reizende Stücke gesehen...ich finde all deine Werke wunderschön und farblich hast du alles sehr geschmackvoll zusammen gestellt.
Ich muss dir ein ganz großes Kompliment machen!
Früher hab ich auch so einiges genäht, deshalb ahne ich, wie viel Zeit du investiert hast.
♥lichst Zaunwinde

Bob Bushell said...

Oh, they are fantastic, the styles and I certainly love the chickens, they made me want to laugh.

Hilde said...

Yael, such amazing pouches you have created!! So many, and they are all beautiful. I love how you have combined the the different colours, and the beads on the end of the zippers are very sweet.
Wonderful work :)

rachel awes said...

please give those hens a smooch from me...i just love them!
you've made so many!!! they are all lovely, dear one!!!

stardust said...

I am filled with wonder and admiration at this result, Yael. You proved to be a natural! What delightful combination of colors and patterns! And besides, you made them in five days....., marvelous!


TarracoStyle said...

me gustan todos, son preciosos.
Felicidades eres toda una artista!!!

Jill Fine said...

Busy hands are happy hands! Wonderful, Yael!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh my goodness - look at all of these amazing treasures! Yael, you are so clever! Sarah xxx

Tanja said...

Hi Mom, those a defenitely very nice small bags. I love them. You are the best!!! :-)
Nishika Tanja