Thursday, January 5, 2012


A little while ago my friend recommended a herb book in her blog. It appealed to me very much so I bought it, and I did not regret it for a moment. Dawn plans to present us with a post about it some day near. The book is truly wonderful, it describes many herbs and their significance for our health and appetite, as well how and when to pick them, to preserve them, to use them.

The one that struck me immediately is rosemary. Did you know that rosemary is an all cure herb? I did not know that! The treatment includes ailments of the heart, high blood pressure, headaches, gastritis and many more. A brew can be made from it to help with hair loss, and it can be put externally on wounds, sores, stings and insect bites. And rosemary tea is a healthy bedtime drink! I use rosemary only to flavor potatoes, bread and tomatoes. It never dawned on me to make tea from it. A cup of tea, made from a spoonful of rosemary needles, sweetened with honey - that sounds good doesn't it? One cup in the evening! That is so easy and we will benefit from it greatly.

Look what we have in our garden! The big rosemary bush is blooming right now and bustling with bees - it is not only a powerful herb, it is also a very beautiful plant! 

We have many herbs in our garden and this morning I picked a bunch of them for the vase. Ahhhh, the smell is wonderful...
There is geranium, lavender, lemon grass, curry plant, sage, rosemary, parsley, thyme - wait a moment - WOW - isn't there a song? Of course! Simon and Garfunkel! That beautiful song

"Are you going to scarborough fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine"

Here it is, enjoy:


Jutta said...

Liebe Yael,

ich hoffe, Du hattest einen guten Start ins neue Jahr.
Du hast Dir einen tollen Kräuterstrauß zusammengestellt. Ich mag diese Kräuter auch sehr.

Liebe Grüße

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

My goodness, Yael--that rosemary bush is to die for! I love rosemary, and all the herbs--and that Simon and Garfunkel song is beautiful. Thank you for this inspiring post! XO

Clare said...

Your herbs are beautiful - how do you get them to grow so well? I grow my herbs in old tin buckets. There is nothing better than going into my garden and picking a whole bunch of herbs for cooking or to put in salads. My mom uses a Rooibos tea bag and then adds different herbs to make a night time brew. I think I'm going to try Rooibos and Rosemary tea tonight. I love the idea of a bunch of herbs in a vase - how fragrant.

Hilde said...

Oh Yael, what a lovely bouquet of herbs :) You are so lucky to grow fresh herbs all year around!
Love the post, the info and the photos of the rosemary bush. I am definately going to try a cup of rosemary tea :)
(I got the book two days ago, and I really love it).

Thanks for your nice comment about the bag :) I think a red bag would be lovely! Hope you post a photo, I would love to see.

wanda miller said...

oh i drooled over this post yael!!! i love herbs, i love herbal books, i have a few really old ones that i relish! ah TO WALK AMONG THE HERBS...ooh, good title for a painting :)) xo

stardust said...

Nice to meet you online, Yael! I came here from your comment to “View Japan”. I have rosemary in my garden, too, but mine is not so large as yours and I have to wait its bloom till April. I do love its light blue color and the scent. Your flower arrangement is perfectly lovely!

Greetings from Japan

Magia da Inês said...

ºº°°º♫ Olá, amiga!!!
°º✿ Tenho alecrim no jardim também, mas só uso como tempero. Vou experimentar fazer um chá com mel... obrigada pelas informações.
º° ✿ Um lindo fim de semana!
º°°º♫ ❤ Beijinhos.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful health giving is a Rosemary plant.

veroque said...

Hope you love this:

Hagar said...

Amazing photos as usual my dear!

Eva said...

Plants can work wonders! Herbal decocts in Traditional Chinese Medicine in most cases are black as coffee and so strong that you can hardly can call them "tea". When they are used like this, they have a tremendous effect and have to be chosen carefully. And what is so amazing: If you have serious health trouble, you like the taste -- which is otherwise disgusting.