Saturday, January 7, 2012


Those flowers have a lovely name in Hebrew, they are called "Bat Chen" בת חן, which means "Daughter of Grace".
Bat Chen is also a female name. This little girl surely is a daughter of grace, but her name is Yasmin.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


TarracoStyle said...

I loved the entrance, beautiful girl and beautiful flowers name.
you also have a happy Sunday.

Jutta said...

Liebe Yael,

das sieht ja richtig nach Frühling aus. Toll ist die Wiese mit den vielen Gänseblümchen. Ach, wenn es doch bei uns auch schon wieder so weit wäre.

Liebe Grüße

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful flowers and a special girl.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...


Loddelina said...

Have a wonderful Sunday as well, Yael,
and graceful, peaceful and creative 2012!

Eva said...

She doesn't count "he loves me -- he loves me not" yet, does she?

Hilde said...

How wonderful, Yael, it looks like spring :)
The flowers are lovely, and Yasmin is a beautiful girl!

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs :)

glazedOver Pottery said...

A beautiful FLOWER of a girl!

Clare said...

Beautiful flowers and Yasmin is so sweet, what a lovely picture. Have a lovely week.