Monday, September 26, 2011


Montenegro - Crna Gora - where to begin? 

With the high wondrous in rich foliage covered mountains?  The turquoise rivers low on water at this season cutting through them? The ever present calm Adriatic sea? The endless beaches? The simple boats? The sky flowing from the mountains into the sea? The deep gorges? The magnificent trees, many hundreds of years old? The delicious well spiced food? The absolute unique and gorgeous Kotor bay? The small cities with their antic centers, and the picturesque little villages? The narrow streets along the sea and the even narrower scary roads clinging to the rocks and winding in tight curves through the mountains? The beautiful bridges with graceful arches spanning the river gorges? The thinly sliced yummy prosciutto from Njegusi?

The colors in hundreds of hues? The textures inviting to be touched? The smells? The fresh air calling for breathing consciously? The lights and shadows? The sound of the sea and the breezes and the wind? The evening sun making the water of the sea glitter and shimmer? The lovely sheep and the naughty goats? The sight of  fishermen standing quietly with their rods at dawn at the seaside? The many different wild flowers? The vast natural untouched healthy forests? The autumn colors? The thousands of pomegranate bushes along the sea shore with millions of little stone hard lovely crowned fruits on them? The still and peaceful lakes? 

The haze in the mornings? The rose hips surprising with blotches of red thrown into the blue of the sky? The fig trees every where, loaded with fruit? The palms bountiful with dates? The monasteries and churches? The cafes sitting on the pebbled beaches?  The soft splashing noise of the gentle waves onto the coast? The music from the bars on the shore? The pure clear clean transparent seawater with its many shades of blue and turquoise? Its salty taste? The swimming in it? The floating on it? The warm sunny days and cool nights? Niksicko, the light and good local beer? The strong heavenly rain we had for an afternoon, pounding on the boats and making the lake ripple? The tiny pretty islands? The big ships passing and causing waves? The lights mirroring and playing and corkscrewing on the water at night in thousand glimmering colors? The people of this land, who are not quick to smile at strangers? The views? - Oh those marvelous views!

Dobrodosli - Welcome!

Slowly I would like to unfold the beauty and splendor and loveliness of this small but great country in the Balkan we enjoyed for the last ten days.
Photographs by Uri Eshkar.


zsazsazsu said...

the way you describe the things you've experienced would make you a very good 'travelmagazinecopywriter' ... you really know how to get people warm for a destination. I loved reading this, and memories came back ! Thank you for sharing your feelings about this
truly wunderful destination.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful scene.

Annuk said...

What a wonderful post, Yael!
I agree with Sandra... you truly have a talent for writing, and for making scenes come alive. If you ever visit Rhodes I'd love to read your words... I have never been to Montenegro and your words touched me, I cannot even imagine how it would be to read about Rhodes through your eyes and heart!

Hilde said...

It sounds wonderful, Yael!
I agree with the comments above. You write beautifully , and make the places come alive. Thank you for sharing your trip and your photos with us :)

Clare said...

What a special place - it seems almost as if it is lost in time - what a wonderful place to visit - I'm glad that I can visit it with you.

wanda miller said...

BEAUTIFUL words from you and such a BEAUTIFUL and SPECIAL place! thank you for bringing some of it to us! xo

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I am so envious of your travels Yael! You lead such an exciting life. I always look forward to all your posts and amazing photos!