Monday, September 12, 2011


Ajani - his name means he is the victor
Nasha and Ajani
African cotton print fabrics, African recycled beads, Paper beads made by African women


Annuk said...

Yael, your African "little people" are SO beautiful!!!! I'm in love!!!!! I love everything about them: the bold colors (I'm a worshipper of Color!), the shapes, the textures and feel, the beads, the interaction of fabric and dimensional accents... Wonderful mixed-media artwork!!! Are they actually necklaces or wall hangings?

Yael said...

I don't think someone would want to hang them around their neck - they are just sweet wall decorations - I think...

Thank you Anna!

I have more - I made ten - could not stop!!! I hope I can sell them, holidays are coming up!

zsazsazsu said...

they are just such a sweet couple ! Mixed with great materials in all their beauty !

Irmi said...

Diese kleinen "Afrikaner" gefallen mir sehr gut, liebe Yael.
Liebe Abendgrüße schickt dir

Hilde said...

Great colours and details :)
They are all brilliant, Yael!