Thursday, April 28, 2011


Have you seen the Lavender fields of the Provence?
Have you been intoxicated by the smell of Lavender in the Tuscany?
Have you had a Lavender bath to reduce stress?
Have you rubbed Lavender oil on your forehead to ease headache?
Have you washed your body and face with Lavender soap?
Have you enjoyed Lavender tea?
Have you planted Lavender in your garden?

Have you enjoyed the sight and scent of the wonderful purple Lavender bloom?
Have you dried Lavender and hung it up for decoration and smell?
Have you put a few drops of Lavender oil on a tissue and inhaled it to calm down?

Have you massaged your body with Lavender lotion?
Have you decorated your salads with Lavender?
Have you cooked with Lavender?

Have you put a little Lavender pillow near your head to help you fall asleep?
Have you put some drops of Lavender oil in your pets bath to repel fleas?
Have you put Lavender sachets among your clothes and linens to ward of moths?

Have you added a small bag filled with Lavender to your laundry dryer?
Have you made Lavender sugar? And Lavender butter?

Have you given Lavender in any form as a gift?
The name Lavender comes from the Latin word "lavare" which means "to wash", and already the Romans understood the herbal benefits of it, and used Lavender in their baths, to enjoy the aromatic pleasant and calming scent. This marvelous and beautiful plant has many properties and can be used in a variety of ways, medical and non medical as well. It is pretty in every garden and its smell is sweet and lovely. The fragrance of pure Lavender oil calms your mind and body.
Check the Internet and you will be surprised how versatile and useful Lavender is - this herb should be truly loved, appreciated and used by everyone!

Should you wonder about the photographs - this time they are all done by ME! :-) (and I think they are nice!)
Oh yes, I also made the little Lavender pillows!


Terri said...

What an interesting post! I do have lavender in my garden. Mostly I use it to make little plants for my trick or treaters. I didn't know it had all those properties. (The Romans might have liked it to keep fleas off themselves!) If it keeps fleas off pets, could it keep mosquitoes off us? Love your little sachets! Pretty colors and lace - priceless.

Eva said...

The sachets are beautiful! Yes, lavender is so soothing. I have a lavender body oil, and I love the scent.

rachel awes said...

i lay my head down
on your lavender post
& r e s t. xox

Chris Gray said...

...I can smell it from here :-)

Hilde said...

What an interesting post! I love lavender and have lots of it in my garden. I dry lavender every summer.

The satches are beautiful, Yael, and the photos are great :)

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
Lavendel ist ein Wunder der Natur.
Ich mache mir auch jedes Jahr Säckchen für die Schränke.
Danke dafür, dass du die Herkunft des Lavendels erklärt hat.
Liebe Grüße zu dir

wanda miller said...

EVER so CLEVER! thank YOU for so many good ideas. and your sachets are so strikingly beautiful, yael. i so enjoyed all the photos here, i shall return for more rejuvination. in the meantime, i'm smelling LAVENDER and wishing you sweet smells on this fine saturday! xo

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, I love them ALL--I cannot decide which I love the most. And I was going to compliment Uri on the photos, but since YOU made them, I bow to you and your beautiful takes!

cochava bar el said...

Hi Yael,

only by reading about the lavender I'm already feeling so calm ! I can smell the lavender through your beautiful tiny pillows and it feels so good...! love, Cochava

Objekte-aus-Ton said...

Wundervolle Lavendelkissen hast Du gemacht!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Such lovely little lavender pillows! And very nice photos as well. How lucky you are to have all that lavender growing in your garden. It must smell heavenly!

Annuk said...

What a beautiful celebration of lavender!!! I love lavender too! The lavender pillows you made are lovely! And so are the photos! :)

Clare said...

i love lavender pillows / bags anything lavender. my dear sweet aunt who lives in the UK makes hundreds of lavender bags and sends them to us as gifts. your lavender pillows are quaint and make me think of times past.

Smithy said...

A beautiful post about a wonderfully versatile flower. I have a lavender sleep pillow and also rub lavender oil on my temples when I get a headache. In another garden, I had lavender planted between fragrant pink roses and it was gorgeous! Your pillows are quite splendid, Yael as are your pix. Hugs. xx