Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There was a murder committed in our garden today and the culprit was the little black devil called Golda - I found her playing with the lifeless tiny birdie - if I catch her again, she will get a small bell hanging from her neck!
The incident reminded me of a similar one, about forty years ago when I had another black cat. I wrote a poem about it at that time and here it is (for my German speaking friends to enjoy):

Als ich einmal boese auf meine schwarze Katze war

Du Raueberin, du gemeine,
hast noch im Schnaeuzchen des Voegelchens Beine.
Bist doch sonst so lieb und suess,
du infames schwarzes Biest!
Lauerst hinterhaeltig verdeckt vom Strauch,
den wehrlosen kleinen Dingern auf.
Zeigst nicht mal Reue, beisst und kratzt
und entfliehst mit deiner Beute 
auf den naechsten Ast
und beginnst, ohne dich zu schaemen,
den kleinen Spatz zu verzehren.
...Ich weiss schon, das lehrt dich die Natur,
dein Instinkt treibt dich ja nur...
Doch trotzdem: Lass dich nicht noch mal entdecken,
sonst werd' ich dir das Fellchen strecken!  


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

You wrote that when you were a girl! You are so clever, Yael, and I just know you LOVED your kitty--your handwriting is so beautiful!

Yael said...

Oh no Dawn - I was not a girl anymore! :-)
I was married and had two little daughters!
Ja, ja...

Yes, I loved that kitty - very much - but would you believe it, I forgot its name - Oooooops!

zsazsazsu said...

:-)))) love that poem !

Pesky Cat Designs said...

That's what kitties do but luckily I have never seen Anni catch a bird! Wish I could understand the poem but translated it might not sound the same I realize. I trust Dawn's reaction and I am sure it is an amazing poem! :)

glazedOver Pottery said...

Oh my GOSH! Poor birdie. Score one for the rascally kitty girl.

Eva said...

Our grey cat was just a hunter as you can ever think of, and she brought rabbit halves to feed us, too... Difficult to show gratitude in such a moment with a pair of bunny legs on the threshold of my bedroom door! Sorry for the poor birdie.

Annuk said...

Oh "bad girl" Golda! Oh I know all about that... female cats are often perfect huntresses... it's in their nature, of course, but still I feel sorry too for the poor birdies... Today I saved a lizard my mom's Tommi had caught. One of our cats, our beloved Weisspfoetchen who died 1 and a half years ago when she was 18 and a half, was a real huntress, she brought home all kinds of animals to "feed" us...
Such a beautiful poem! I love your handwriting!

Hilde said...

Golda did not meen to be bad, it's her hunter's instinct. But very sad for the little bird.

My cat used to bring us mice and birds all the time when she was younger, but now she has become too lazy to hunt. She prefers the comfort of a chair or a cushion :-D

Love the poem. And what a lovely handwriting!

Of course you can come by for a salad, Yael. You are very welcome :-)))

wanda miller said...

OKAY...i know i love the poem yael, even though i cannot speak german :0)! but that is golda's job you know that, huh? for some reason, our black cat only brings moles to the door...i am appreciative that they aren't birdies, even though i know that's inherent!? XO

aurorafedora said...

bad kitty! i have the same problem with my cat and birds. he thinks i put the bird feeder up for him!

Smilla said...

Hallo Yael
bin gerade auf Gegenbesuch und freue mich an deinem schönen und auch witzigen Blog!!!
Werde mich gleich verlinken...
Mit ♥-lichen Grüssen und bis bälder big bisous Brigitte (bbbbb)

Smithy said...

Oh dear! Ms Golda is growing into a panther! LOL Check the garden for lions, giraffes and wildebeests! On a more serious note, my puss has worn a bell on her neck from day one and the birds are safe from her. However, she still catches lizards, which leads me to think lizards are hard of hearing! Gecko tails are her fave thing. Ugh.

2 B's World said...

Huhu Yael,
was muß ich da lesen. Solche Sachen macht die so süße Golda?
Aber das ist eben der Lauf der Natur. Auch wenn es mir für das kleine Vögelchen wirklich leid tut.
Das Gedicht gefällt mir sehr gut.Ja, ja...deine künstlerische Ader. Du hast sie bereits in jungen Jahren gepflegt.

Herzliche Grüße von Birgit