Friday, March 4, 2011


There are so many wildflowers blooming in Israel right now and the weather is nice, warm and sunny, but not hot - yes, sometimes I think I live in paradise!

Photos by my husband Uri - but REALLY - with nature providing SUCH material... :-)
Photo with the sheep by my niece.


Annuk said...

Oh Yael, Yael... I LOVE your blog!!!!!!! It's always so full of beauty and light!!! Thank you for yet one more dreamy trip to your enchanting land! You all look so happy here... Uri, your lovely doggie, your beautiful niece and you (I can spot you in the background with your doggie)! Dreamy!!!

Irmi said...

Yael, wieder herrliche Aufnahmen!
Man möchte mit euch wandern. Diese Schönheiten alle in natura ansehen.
Liebe Grüße

zsazsazsu said...

Oh I am sooooo jealous, we only have about 4 ° C for the moment. Loooooooove these colorful anemones !

Bernstein said...

Hi Yael,
genau das habe ich mir gedacht - Bilder wie aus dem Paradies. Unglaublich schön, fröhlich und friedlich wirken auf mich diese Eindrücke. Es freut mich, dass ich daran teilhaben kann.
Habt noch viele solcher wundervollen Augenblicke
GlG Inbar

veroque said...

משרד התיירות צריך לפצות אתכם על הפירסום המעולה שאתם עושים לארץ הזאת, בחיי.

Hilde said...

So beautiful!!
The scenery is wonderful, and the wild anemones is such a lovely sight. Amazing!!

Smithy said...

Magical flowers dancing under the sun, Uri, Dafi and your niece scaattered amongst the red blooms. Beautiful happy snaps! Thank you do much for sharing :)