Wednesday, March 2, 2011


is another MUST!


wanda miller said...

i don't know HOW i missed those other 2 smiles down below this post and all the beauty in photos and now another smile, lighting up the world here!
the beach: my favorite place on earth! and i have to get in the water, not matter how cold!
it looks like you are having a wonderful time with your darling neice and that you KNOW HOW to truly relax! xoxo

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, you look gorgeous sitting there! You are having so much fun with your niece, and you two have the same smile!

Annuk said...

Yael are you trying to make me die here ;D? Oh I so miss the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean! Truly reminds me of my beloved Aegean... I want to have my feet in the water too... and I want to see all those gorgeous seashells and maybe keep one or two as a souvenir (they are too beautiful to collect and use for jewelry)!
You both look gorgeous! Oh it must be heaven for your niece, such a treat when it's still full winter in central Europe!
Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of happy moments!!!

Eva said...

Dieses Türkis ist ja überirdisch! Was für Sehnsüchte das weckt. Ja, man sieht, wie ihr es genießt. Wunderschöne Bilder von zwei wunderschönen Damen. Mein letzter Eindruck für heute, und ich werde sicher gut träumen.

Bernstein said...

Hi Yael,
beim Anblick Deiner Bilder möchte ich fast die Koffer packen. Die Farben, das Meer, die Muscheln, der Strand und die gute Laune wecken Sehnsucht. Hier ist immer noch Winter mit garstigkaltem Ostwind.
Aber wenn ich heute friere, werde ich in Gedanken einfach an Deinen Strand oder auf den Flohmarkt reisen, das wärmt von Innen ;o)))
Habt noch eine wundervolle gemeinsame Zeit und genießt die schönen Seiten des Lebens
GlG Inbar

veroque said...

יעל, אני ממש שמחה שאת נאלצת להנות;)
התמונות מופלאות, את נראית נפלא והאחיינת שלך מקסימה!
אין כמו הים, נכון?

Hilde said...

Oh, the beach, the sun and the colours!! It looks wonderful. I would really wish for a little summer here right now :)
It seems like you and your niece are having a great time! And you look so nice in the photos, Yael, I love your smile!

Smithy said...

Lovely pix, Yael...very pretty turquoises tones in the water and the shells are glowing with the mysteries of the ocean. Great happy snaps of you and your niece :) A great post!

Sweet Paula Dee said...

I am an American woman who is a believer in Jesus as my Messiah. I love the land of Israel and have enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more great posts.
~Your American friend, ~Paula