Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My friend Hagar had a lovely surprise for me this morning! Have a look if you wish:
Yes, it is true, I met Hagar on cyber space. One day I stumbled on her shop at Etsy, called "GILGULIM" and was enchanted with her wonderful and very unique fiber jewelery. I made contact and some time later we met, first in my home and again at the circle of artist and crafts women I belong to. She came to one of our meetings and she and her art was loved by all of my friends immediately. Hagar is a kind, dear and lovely woman - oh, and she is truly very beautiful! 
She is outgoing, interesting and charming, it is a pleasure to be around her. She loves her art and it shows. Her necklaces and earrings are very special,  full of texture, always paired with beads and ethnic jewelery pieces and enormous colorful. She will be happy and enthusiastic about every bit of fabric she receives, finds, buys, even the tiniest ones - and her imagination starts to roll and spin the fabric pieces in her head, around and around, her hands start to itch and she is on her way, you can be sure something magical and gorgeous will come out from it.
Her shop is full of wondrous items, each one pretty and one of a kind! Check it out for yourself:
I am happy to know you Hagar!


Hagar said...

Thank you so much Yaeli!!! I had this post in mind ever since we met and I was just too busy to write it! I am so glad i wrote it this morning! Are we planning our mutual trip to the old city of Jerusalem? The soonest the better! Then, we will write together a post telling everybody about our experience!Horrrrrray!!!

Yael said...

Yes, we do and yes we will! After the Hanukah vacation! Next week? You and me? I need damask!

Bernstein said...

Einfach nur traumhaft schön!!! Alles ist so stimmig - Formen, Farben und die unterschiedlichen Materialien passen perfekt zusammen und bilden eine Einheit. Der Schmuck gefällt mir supergut. Da bedauere ich es wirklich, dass ich eigentlich nie Schmuck trage.
Habt viel Spaß bei Eurem Treffen und genießt die gemeinsame Zeit.
GlG Inbar

Annuk said...

What a lovely post about your friend Hagar! I read the post she wrote about you, and now reading this one about her I can really feel the lovely friendship the two of you have! It's great to meet both of you :)! And I'm so happy I discovered both of your beautiful blogs! You are both so talented!!!

glazedOver said...

Oh....I want to come to Jerusalem with the two of you!!!

Hagar...your work is just beautiful. I can totally see how your hands would itch with this much creativity in your head. I love the crisp geometric lines in your work. So eclectic, different and lovely!

2 B's World said...

Hallo liebe Yael,
gerade habe ich in den Blog von Hagar geschaut und nun kann ich verstehen, wieso Du Dich so sehr freust. Eine wundervolle Idee von ihr und eine tolle Überraschung für Dich.
Ja...auch über's Internet können wertvolle Freundschaften entstehen.
Die Schmuckstücke von Hagar sind ganz besonders und anders als andere...den eigenen Stil so ausdrücken zu können, ist für mich Kunst.

Liebe Grüße, bitte auch an deine liebe Freundin Hagar von Birgit
Ich wünsche euch noch viele schöne gemeinsame Stunden.

steinschmuckdesign said...

I know her shop and totally love her Jewelry,
love the way she is composing with colors and indeed she looks

zsazsazsu said...

Glad to get to know this fabulous lady ! Thanks for sharing.

Hilde said...

Such a nice post about your friend! Her jewellery is truly beautiful.

Hope you both will enjoy your trip and your time together. I look forward to reading about it :)

Eva said...

What a creative lady! Love the free and almost careless way how she combines colors and material.

Smithy said...

Lovely work here; have just been reading Hagar's blog and looking at her Etsy pages. She is another very creative woman like your dear self :) Thank you for sharing her with all of us :) Hugs.

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
es ist wunderschön und wertvoll einen solch lieben Menschen zu haben. Genießt Euer Zusammensein.
Ich habe mir Hagars Blog angschaut und auch den Shop. Sie kreiert wunderschöne, ausgefallene Dinge.
Liebe Grüße und viel Freude an den Schmuckstücken

rachel awes said...

oh how beautiful!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I am so happy to read something about Hagar--I just stumbled upon her blog, and it's lovely, and now I feel I know her a little better. Her work is beautiful! Thank you for this spotlight on Hagar!

aurorafedora said...

wonderfully unique pieces!