Friday, February 26, 2010

MAKLOT HA KESEM - מקלות הקסם

Those are some photos taken at a wonderful exhibition about knitting and crochet, at the Hankin Gallery in Holon, near Tel Aviv, curated by Sima Sela and Mirjam Bruck-Cohen, 109 Hankin St. Holon, (03-5027303) - the exhibition is open till March 13. and it is very worth visiting! I am sorry, I did not write down the names of the artists, their creations will speak for them...

This is a link to my two pieces at the exhibition, a witch bag and a magic carpet, and some close-ups of them.
They are crocheted from sisal and paper yarn and tyvek and fabric strips and I made the little ceramic faces and ceramic beads. All kind of rusted stuff and dry plant and tree material, which I pick up on our excursions, stuffing the pockets of my trousers, while my husband is photographing flowers, is inserted and hung on it, together with beads and feathers and fancy yarn and pieces of Bedouin embroidery and torn fabric pieces I found in the sand near the beach, and shells and little bells.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

These pieces are beautiful, but your pieces stun me even more!!! I am in awe, and I can look for hours, Yael! It's truly inspiring! I also love to comb the ground for interesting finds :-)

glazedOver said...

I'm with Dawn. Your piece is so organic and honest. Plus like a Picasso it's making me stare and try to decipher it. Beautiful. I wish I were near enough to visit the exhibit. Everything looks so impressive.

Bernstein said...

Hallo Yael,
mir fehlen die Worte. Du schaffst es in Deinem Werk alltäglichen Dingen einen ganz eigenen Zauber zu geben und sie zu etwas ganz besonderem zu machen. Du gibst ihnen so die Möglichkeit ihre Geschichte zu erzählen, die ohne Dich verloren gewesen wäre.
Staunende und bewundernde Grüße

mirjam said...

Shalom Yael
How delightful to see your mentioning and showing photos from our fun exhibition "The magic Wands 2".
Ps you are invited to read my new blog