Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My friend Jill, the wicked one from New York promised me a poem in return for a cookie recipe!
Look what I got:

'Ok, here it is. It’s a haiku and it is based on Prince Hiroshi Hamentashi’s 14th century poem “I’m Starving, Let’s Eat.”

Chicken in coop, egg.
Sugar flour bake powder
Nuts, dried fruit, a CAKE!

Do you love it?'

I loved it alright! She ALMOST got me!


glazedOver said...

Actually, Yael has promised to iron my clothing as a reward for such a brilliant haiku. I'm getting everything all nice and wrinkled even as we speak!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Jill!!! tsk, tsk...:-D

Let me try:

Bake me a cake
and I'll make you a milk-shake!

Not quite the same, but still delicious!

Yael said...

Jill I think we own Dawn an explanation! Since you are the wicked one :-) :-) :-), I think you should do it!

glazedOver said...

The literary team at The Times,
Examined some Japanese rhymes.
They discovered a bit,
That just didn’t fit,
About one of medieval’s best minds.

You see, what they thought to be true,
Was that Prince Hamentashi just knew,
That he loved to bake,
His favorite cake,
To eat with his favorite brew.

Imagine the shock when they found,
When all the staff was around,
That Prince Hamentashi,
And his beloved Hibachi,
Never set foot on the ground.

No Hiroshi was just ficticious,
His cakes were never delicious.
But never despair,
When there’s mirth in the air,
For Yael’s cakes fulfill all your wishes!

Yael said...

Jill, one day I am going to marry you!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

That makes two, Yael!
But--no avail!
For what would Jill do with two wives
When she already has a set of knives
and a soon-to-be plugger
to beat all her clay
to make beautiful vessels
and please so many lives!


Yael said...

Okay Dawn, I marry you too!

glazedOver said...

hee hee hee!