Monday, February 15, 2010

Confession of a blog illiterate

I have to admit I am completely new to this and I still don't know how to post photos, pictures and links, how to change the settings, the fonts and the colors, how to make my blog really beautiful - I will ask for help, from my husband, from my friend Vered, and I will learn and try by myself!
English is not my mother language, so please forgive my mistakes.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

First of all, Yael, you have the perfect starting page! Everything looks great! I love seeing Jill's (of button on that white flower--how gorgeous!!!

glazedOver said...

I *wish* I could somehow find words to represent the humongousness of the smile on my face right now. Yael, I am SO happy you are now blogging. You have no idea.

I'm with Dawn, you starting page is stellar! I think you have so much goodness and depth to share with the world and I'm so glad you are doing it. You are a marvel beyond compare! Wishing you many posts filled with beauty, insight, and gobs and gobs of comments.