Saturday, October 21, 2017


A Shabatt visit to Park Canada, located north of Highway 1, to explore the ancient ruins of Hurvat Eked at the top of the park. 

Encircled by an impressive stone wall at the highest spot of the hill, are the remains of a settlement and a fortress from the Hellenistic period more than 2000 years ago.  The fortress was constructed by Bacchides, the Seleucid general, who fought against the Hasmonean kingdom.The construction of the fortress was the beginning of the establishment of the city of Emmaus/Nicopolis, which later relocated several kilometer to the west.  

The fortress was also used by the rebels during the Bar Kokhva revolt against the Romans. 

The wall

The Gate

 A press for olive oil

A water reservoir, cistern? A wine press?

I am quite sure that these beautiful flowers, the chazav, the squill, were part of the landscape and did bloom in autumn two millenniums ago as well.

A view down the Judean plain

We had a gorgeous day, all three of us, me, the photographer (my husband Uri Eshkar) and Ella. :-)


Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful images of the nature, thanks.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What a gorgeous outing you've taken us on, Yael! I always savour your travelogues, and ALL that you write. Thank you for taking us there.

stardust said...

Nice to see the lovely photos of you and your dog again. The ruins evoke old dreams of the ancient people.