Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Two o.clock in the morning and my brain goes off on its own. Do you too experience your built-in computer playing havoc on you in this half sleep-half awake state of mind in the small hours before dawn? When it acts completely unorganized, presenting you with an array of mostly unwanted "windows", flashing bits and pieces of reality and fantasy on you and presenting you with all kinds of, mainly unrealistic, worries and anxieties dragged out of the depth of your unconsciousness, not obeying any rules and getting completely out of order?

Don't you just hate losing control in the dark? Well I do! So, my resolution is not to let this go further, but to take over. I switch on the light, tiptoe to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee, and snuggle back into bed with a book. Usually after an hour or so sleep finds me again. If not I give in, get up and start the day before the first twittering of the birds.

Like now, yes I'll get up and paint a bit...   :-)


wanda miller said...

YES i do wake up at the oddest hours. but it's been happening for so long Yael...i just start reading and fall asleep, then if i wake soon again...i repeat...unless like you said, "okay, i give up...going to find something to do before the birds make a tweet! ;)

Beate said...

:-) das passiert mir auch zwischendurch. Je nachdem, wie wach ich bin, steh ich auf und mache mir Kaffee, manchmal bleib ich im Bett und denke über alles mögliche nach ... und schlafe irgendwann weiter.
Heute bin ich seit 4 Uhr definitiv auf.

Guten Morgen, liebe Yael also
und Gruß aus Schweden

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

This often happens to me, Yael. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get up like you said. One thing about those surreal waking ups is that they are so damned irrational.