Monday, June 3, 2013



wanda miller said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS YAEL...set to the tune of I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR LOOK AND HUMOR! can't wait for more! ox
p.s. I have not email, but might some time in the near future, just in case ;)

Annuk said...

I love your drawings and paintings, Yael! :)

Hilde said...

So beautiful and colourful, I love it, Yael :)

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
ich bin immer wieder begeistert, wenn ich deine farbenfrohen Arbeiten bewundern darf.
Liebe Abendgrüße schickt Dir

stardust said...

Oh, Yael, I like your humour as well as drawing and painting. Illustration without words set fire on our imagination.


Lisa Zinza said...


Red Rose. said...

Hi,again, Yael,
Those two eyes on your painting are mysterious! I am thinking that they are looking at me or not? Your painting has numerous meanings with polka dots.
Enjoy your beautiful weekend1


Magia da Inês said...


Estampas maravilhosas, cuidadosamente elaboradas.
Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil°º✿♫
º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

Sacramento Amate said...

Magic indeed.
Thank you so much Yael for your lovely comments every time.
A big, big hug.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

The facades of the houses have eyes and mouths, and everything is just bursting with life--your work is delightful, Yael!

Clare said...

Absolutely delightful - fun - joyful!

TarracoStyle said...

eres una artiste!!!!!!
me encanta la explosión de color.