Saturday, June 15, 2013


             Painting in my small journal book - acrylic colors - 17cm x 11cm
The niqab (Arabic) is a face veil worn by Muslim women. It comes originally from Bedouin culture in the Arabian Peninsula and has been already used in pre-Islamic time by men and women in order to protect the face from sun and sand.

Usually it is worn in conjunction with a black robe, the chador. The smaller the field of visible skin around the eyes, the more similar the niqab is to a burka, which is a garment that covers body and face completely.

Women wearing the niqab are called "niqabi".                       


Annuk said...

I love your unique style and your use of colors, Yael! I really enjoy your artwork, thank you for sharing!
Hugs from the Alps :)

Smilla said...

Liebe Yael
dieses Bild spricht mich sowohl farblich wie auch vom Motiv sehr an!
....aber was ist das? Ist das ein Bild, ein Stoff oder gar bedrucktes Papier?
Schick dir ♥-lichste Samstagsgrüsse

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
wieder ein solch tolles Bild. Du wirst immer besser.
Einen gewitterfreien Samstag wünscht dir

Lisa Zinza said...

I love the style you are developing .. very folk art .. your colors are so clear & bright .. I love the way you capture the world.

Bob Bushell said...

Well, I didn't know that. Your artwork is superb, Yeal, please keep it up.

Hilde said...

Love your art style and the bright colours, Yael :) Thanks for sharing your artwork, it's always a pleasure to see!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

That you use the whole page is a sign of a born artist. And it's a given--you are an artist!

Red Rose. said...

Wonderful your work and a very beautiful woman.

glazedOver said...

Well done! Even drilling down to the slight tilt in each head and the penetrating expression in the've captured the spirit charmingly!